Star Wars: The Old Republic video introduces Consular progression

Monday, 28th November 2011 07:03 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The Jedi Consular is one of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s more interesting classes, offering both support and stealth roles.

As a Consular, you’ll be using the Force quite a bit – hooray – and helping to heal and defend your mates. But if you’re not the social type, you can progress in another direction, going for an arsenal of sneaky tactics and spike damage.

Check out the video below to see which one tickles your fancy.

Star Wars: The Old Republic arrives exclusively for PC in December, and has made Activision’s stock holders quite nervous.

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  1. GrimRita

    I downloaded the beta in the end and holy jesus the game is dull. Now either EA are forcing Bioware to cut stuff out like they did with WAR just to push it out or Biowares creative team never turned up to work.

    Perhaps one of THE biggest linear experiences ever in an MMO thus making it feel more like a single player game than an actual online game. ‘Story’, as I expected is a mask for dozens upon dozens of fetch quests which actually have no bearing at all on your own ‘story’.

    The official forums are littered with people underwhelmed – no wonder they kept NDA water tight for so long. The graphics are shocking – not too much of an issue as this was/is beta so DX11/AA support wasnt an option(if its not there at launch, god help them).

    The thing that this game does so well, is to ensure that a player cant leave or drift away from an area as you are kept well within the game boundaries – not allowing to you explore or sway off course.

    Probably the biggest disappointment for me was character creation and the total lack of species – there are just 4 to choose from – all humanoids. Considering just how many species are in Star Wars. It wont be long before everyone almost looks the same(which they did for the Sith class) thus presenting one of the most generic experiences I have ever seen in character creation from a so called triple A MMO.

    Star Wars Galaxies maybe very old now but character creation and crafting were(and still are) way ahead of its time.

    Overall, SWTOR isnt minding blowing, doesnt excel in any area, does so much wrong and is merely an average product with a huge licence.6-7 years in development and this is the end result. Oh dear, oh dear oh dear.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. Talkar

    You’ve been saying several times you’ve played the beta before, so i guess you were also lying about that, considering you claiming you only just downloaded it. You can explore if you want. I went to Tatooine as a lvl 18, which is way before you get any quest to go there, or you are high enough lvl to quest there. Since your complaining about the game being story driven, i guess you didn’t get the memo, it was announced as being story driven. It has been confirmed that AA will be in at launch, several times. And there are more species than 4: Sith, Human, Cyborg, Twi’lek, Chiss, Miraluka, Zabrak and Mirialan. And of course the species are humanoids, do you really think a Reek could shoot a blaster or use a lightsaber? Come on. As you can see, you got into the game with your own mindset of how it would be, completely disregarding the facts of what you can do in the game, ignoring everything but the things you wanted to see, you seriously should stop writing comments like those you are writing until you’ve got your facts right.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. Dralen

    I played the beta this weekend. Pretty much all I did :P. I absolutely loved it! The story based quests and the companions are such a great addition to mmo’s. I cannot wait to get my hands on the full game now.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. GrimRita

    @2 grow up.

    If you actually READ ( yes, I understand its a difficult concept for you) I have said that I have had ‘hands on’ time – not beta. Now the game is (almost) finished earlier issues I experienced are still there – in some cases worse.

    Each class appears to have 4 species to choose from, Sith Inquisitor only had 4. And considering just how many species are in the world of Star Wars, its rather lacking.

    Have you actually played beta? Or are you just blowing hot air AGAIN?

    And ‘story’ driven. Well maybe your idea of story is different to mine. A story is a personal journey as they keep saying when essentially, its a new term used to hide the fact its just fetch quests. Sure theres one or two story lines that tie up together but thats it.

    Almost every other NPC had a problem with a beast or needed an item collecting from around the corner that they couldnt (for some reason) get themselves. A better twist would have been for Bioware to admit that story is simply a side show attached to fetch quests because thats what it is.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. BraveArse

    Agree with Grimrita, I played it over the weekend and it was shocking tbh. I have a decent 6 month old Dell XPS lappy, and even with a load of settings turned down it played like a badly drawn flickbook. The quests were underwhelming and at best it just simply does nothing new, at worst it’s highly derivative. All this is, of course, IMO, but most of my buddies who were also on the beta at the weekend have come away with the same impression.

    I really wanted to be blown away by this, but it doesn’t cut it right now.

    Edit: stupid iOS spellchecker.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. viralshag

    I left the beta feeling mostly positive about the game and itching to get stuck into it at full release. It wasn’t a perfect experience and maybe not even the best MMO I have played but there were certainly things I really liked: companions, crew skills, conversation rolls and there were things that really annoyed me: big booty robes, few customisation options and overly large player hubs.

    The graphics are acceptable but not mind blowing; some textures just look bad and some powers just look lame, to put it simply. Being a beta though this is something I will save judgement for until release as some options were there and just turned off. With minor looting and UI bugs, everything held up pretty well. I felt it was a generally solid experience for the most part. It will all depend on whether or not they improve certain areas of the game for launch, I hope they do otherwise I will be disappointed.

    @1/4, I assume this means you will be cancelling your pre-order then? I can’t imagine why anyone with so many complaints about a certain product would still go ahead and actually buy it. I do agree with you on some points but I don’t understand how you came to the conclusion of others.

    How on earth is this “one of THE biggest linear experiences ever in an MMO”? I mean, you’re lucky in any MMO to get anything more than the usual quest text and an accept or decline button. Considering there are many times when you can decide how to start and finish a quest which has a direct effect on your character, how is this linear? Not to mention two runs of the first instance can play out completely different based on who wins the conversation rolls. Two friends of mine ran through it as goody goody Jedi and their play through was changed when my merciless-for-the-money trooper rolled with them and I won the roll. We had a great laugh seeing what options we would pick.

    This as story driven as a game like Mass Effect is considering a lot is almost pulled right from it. When is “story” anything more in a game than just a way to send you on your next quest or mission?

    I agree the character creation was a bit disappointing and I hope they throw in a few more options. It’s a shame they went with predefined sizes when I think a slider would have been much better. Other than it being a bit light on races, it was pretty much what I expected.

    I wish people would stop bring up Galaxies too. I mean come on, if the game was anything more than a niche MMO it wouldn’t have peaked at only 500k subs and wouldn’t have been shut down after a couple of years or however many or whenever it was. This isn’t Galaxies, it (hopefully) never will and people that want it to be that game should just accept it isn’t.

    Thinking back about my time in the beta and talking about it again, I’m really excited to get back into it.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. silkvg247

    I don’t think anyone should comment or judge on linearity based on pre level 18-20 experiences. You get your own ship right? Presumably that means you can go where you want, so I’m making no comment until I get that far, which could be tonight or tomorrow we will see.

    The character creation screen and graphics in general are definitely the game’s sore spots right now. However, they aren’t the most important thing so I can live with it if they don’t improve much. Hopefully AA will improve overall visuals a fair bit.

    The level 1-10 stories are quite varied and apt depending on what class you pick. I’ve had a “die hard” questline as a storm trooper, a “cloak and daggers” story as an imperial agent, and of course the typical quest to become a jedi knight as uh.. a jedi padawan/knight. :)

    I think it’s sensible for that part of the game to be linear, it’s a tutorial and introduction to your class more than anything.

    Post level 10 the game seems to open up a bit, it looks like I can get a ship to a few places from the spaceport but I decided to investigate crafting skills and explore the spaceport a bit. Then follow the main questline to the second planet which has a massive empire city and loadsa missions all over. I’m guessing “zones” are now “worlds” and once you get your ship you’ll be able to visit any worlds you want, although onthe high level ones you’ll get pwned.

    PvP so far isn’t anything special, but I gave up on PvP in MMO’s ever since WoW destroyed the whole concept of it.

    All in all it’s a very enjoyable game, and the missions actually had me thinking over what choice to make on more than one occasion which is quite a novel thing as I usually skim read and get on with it.

    Pros: Party dialog, Companions & crafting, Sound effects & music, voice acting, storylines and mini stories.
    Cons: Graphics already look dated, small set of races to pick from, limited character customization options.

    #7 3 years ago
  8. viralshag

    Thanks for reminding me, the music is very good. And the voice acting in general is excellent.

    And just to confirm, once you get your ship you do have access to a galaxy map. And space battles are suprisingly decent.

    #8 3 years ago
  9. GrimRita

    @6 – Galaxies
    The idea of bringing out something new, is to at least be a little bit(if not alot) better than what is already out there. Character creation in this game simply doesnt cut it and cant even come close to a game that was launched in 2003! You cant even select your toons height! wtf?!

    Questing is probably to do with your class ‘story’. I chose Sith Inquisitor and it was all about killing beasts, slugs and other crap. Not really fantastic.

    I went dark side all the way when selecting the 3 types of so called endings. With my second toon, I selected a different option but it arrived at the same out come but without the darkside points.

    Once I became stuck on a crystal, I gave up and logged out because I couldnt jump over it.

    The one thing I did notice was that the ‘aggro’ radius was set far too high in some places.

    Regarding groups, I found it hard sometimes but only because I had to select a US server since on Friday the ONLY English one was full. But I did find that by using the brain, some of these ‘story’ driven fetch quests were easy to complete even with a boss fight at the end. Way to go with force powers!

    You cant fault the voice acting, it is simply superb but this game needs more than voices to save it. After all, this is Star Wars and with such a vast universe to dive into, this is the best that they could do?

    Many folk talk about the game feeling ‘lifeless’ and empty worlds but this(I hope) is due to it being beta.

    I tried the Auction house out, managed to sell a few items but I would like a better search function then the current set up as its over complex for no reason.

    Dromund Kaas was the planet I spent alot of my time on and it felt so caged in with high rocks and small areas to run your quests so you couldnt explore at all. It felt small, outside of the quest zones.

    Overall, I have come away thinking that this simply isnt going to set the world alight.Its just an average run of the mill MMO.If this was a standard MMO released by a smaller developer/publisher without the huge licence it wouldnt get any attention at all.

    It also reminded me of Warhammer online at launch, which lacked so much polish but I am sure EA cant afford to make the same mistake twice. can they?

    #9 3 years ago
  10. silkvg247

    I think the problem is we’re all graphics snobs now. Because whilst I’m tempted to agree with the sweeping generalisation that “it’s being released without polish”. Is it?

    Clean, sensible UI: Check
    UI and key rebinds, options etc. easy to find, fully working? Check

    (second point already puts it above skyrim and BF3, btw)

    Good sound? Check
    Good music? Check
    Easy to login, hassle free to jump in and play? Check
    Keyboard and mouse repond as expected in PC MMO e.g. both buttons move forwards? Check
    Mouse Y axis reversible? Check

    (These points put it above most f2p MMO’s and FFXIV)

    Awesome cinematics? Check
    Immersive storylines? Check

    Meh I could go on. It’s one failing is it doesn’t make your jaw fall to the floor with the graphics. Neither did WoW. Shrug. Yeah it’s dissapointing but I do think we’re missing the boat a bit if we’re judging a game by it’s looks.

    Also there’s enough different about it to make it feel fresh. The proper dialog on missions, the party “roll for a reponse”, the crafting etc are all quite different for me. I especially like that I can make my companions go away and do stuff rather than stick with me and help in combat only.

    #10 3 years ago
  11. viralshag

    @9, We’ve already had a SW licensed MMO come out and do something “new”, it hardly set the world alight then. I don’t see the point in wasting time and money to repeat that mistake. I would rather have something decent that’s actually playable, fun and accessible to many rather than something that looked pretty pants that’s only loved by a few.

    I also played an inquisitor up to about level 12 or 13 and I thought that was a very good story line. And I know it wasn’t just me that couldn’t do the heroic quests in the starter area on their own because people were constantly looking for groups.

    I don’t think as an MMO this is going to change the face of the genre but who really ever thought it would? I don’t think this game has ever projected itself as the second coming of MMOs but yet certain people seem to expect a Galaxies-type approach and bring everything and anything innovative. And those are the people that seem to always be upset about what the game is.

    Everyone else who is just looking for a decent, solid MMO with some new ideas seem perfectly happy with what it is. It’s like you want this game to be something it’s not, something it was never going to be and think mostly because of that it’s a bad game.

    But seriously though, are you still going to buy this? If you are I really don’t see the point in complaining about the game. If there is so much you don’t like about it you might as well just cut your losses and save yourself some money.

    @10, +100 Dark Side Points (you dirty Empire scum :P )

    #11 3 years ago
  12. GrimRita

    I never said this was going to be another Galaxies. Its clear that this game lacks the forward thinking of Galaxies. This does need to be treated as a separate entity. All I am saying is that compared to Galaxies, character creation here is dreadful and a very limited experience.

    The Lord Zash story is the stand out piece here but everything else is just typical fetch quests(hell, even her ‘story’ is). Thank god you can skip the drivel about slugs, brains and other boring crap that plays no part in the overall picture.

    And right now, I probably wont get this now until its at least settled as I rushed into Warhammer(which I enjoyed)but that lacked so much polish. Sure, this has more polish but it doesnt set the world alight.

    I’m a firm believer that if you want to make a footprint in something you do, you at least make it stand out from the ‘norm’ and this fails on almost all counts. Which is a shame because I think that before EA took over everything, this game had glimmers of hope when LucasArts were taking the lead in direction.

    You want my pre-order code again when it comes through? ;)

    #12 3 years ago
  13. viralshag

    No thanks, I already have the deluxe edition on order with Origin, it’s sitting there ready for release. :P

    I personally do think this does enough to stand apart. This is the first MMO I have played which is fully voiced and it makes a difference to me. Same with the companions, which reminds me a lot of the AC: Bro/Rev Assassin missions you can send your followers on.

    Not to mention the space battles, which I didn’t get a chance to do but a friend who I played the beta with all weekend described as a very fun mini-game. Much like Star Fox, only with much better environments. I didn’t want to do too much as I want to have stuff that’s new at launch. I pretty much had my fill of what I wanted from the beta.

    There are definitely things that need to be addressed, like having no Target of your Target portrait is, imo, criminal for any new MMO. And as much as I like the UI, I’m hoping there will be an option to resize and add/remove action bars where I want them. As standard I like to have 2×2 at the bottom and 2 more on the right.

    All of this is something I hope will be resolved by launch or at least shortly after launch. As silkvg247 said though, for the most part everything worked in the beta and that was good enough for me.

    #13 3 years ago
  14. Droid

    It’s not perfect but it beats most of the competition. I enjoyed the weekend test. Didn’t read all the long essay comments above, but from most I talked to in-game, plenty enjoyed it as well. Looking forward to whenever they open up the pre-order access. Oh and it’s a story driven game, which is done pretty well, not a great graphics experience, as a few seem to expect. Worked on my 3 year old pc full settings so it’s all good.

    #14 3 years ago
  15. Talkar

    I have the collectors edition preordered, and i’m ready to cut myself off of the real world on the 15th, when the jedi slaughtering begins x)

    #15 3 years ago
  16. viralshag

    @15, Me too. 19th – 23rd booked off work. :P

    Minus the Jedi slaughtering, you dirty Empire scum. :D

    #16 3 years ago
  17. GrimRita

    @16 you do know that George Lucas is changing the ending of Return of The Jedi now for the 3d movie releases, so that the Empire wins? So, give yourself to the dark side, its the only way.

    Yeah the UI was big, especially considering they first said they didnt want to have a UI lol. How times change. Im probably going to wait a few months until it offers a bit more. I will still probably keep my pre-orders active, since they are both Collectors Editions from Amazon(GAME can shove it!) but wont play until a couple of months in.

    Im moving to the USA in January, so I dont see any point setting up a toon on a Euro server

    #17 3 years ago
  18. viralshag

    You said you played on a US server though right? How was that in terms of lag? I have a few friends over in the US I would like to play with and WoW was unplayable for me; it just about ran with zero mods on. Rift was great, it was the same playing on either US or EU servers and I would hope that’s what TOR is like.

    I wouldn’t put it past Lucas to do that tbh. The original endings were always too “huzzah we won all hugs and more kisses” for me. At the same time, it’s always sad to know Yoda doesn’t just lay the smack down on the Emperor in Episode III and it just ends with “Mmm, ass kicking you have been given, lost you have.”

    I much preferred the Empire starter areas and quests though. All my mates are going Republic so I will for the guild’s sake but I will definitely be rolling an Inquisitor.

    #18 3 years ago
  19. Talkar

    Join the dark side, we have free cookies!

    Not bad, i played it during another beta weekend, and i had a ms of about 70-90. In this weekend, on the EU servers i have a latency of 20-40.

    #19 3 years ago
  20. viralshag

    Yeah, free cookies filled with hate, anger and rage. No thanks.

    #20 3 years ago
  21. GrimRita

    @18 it was dreadful. Latency was around 500+ and combat lagged. However, when I was online Saturday(UK morning) it wasnt bad at all but latency was around 400

    Friday was ok but thats due to the numbers I think but when the beta went more widespread, it was an issue.

    They seriously need to look at their login process because it seems to bring their entire back end down – their website went down again.

    I just hope and pray they add something extra to the game. I for one, would love to see the ability to bet on Huttball matches, Player Bounties IN and a rethink of just how restrictive certain areas are.

    And, did anyone else think that the ‘taxi’ speeders in Dromund Kaas resembled something out of the Jetsons?!

    #21 3 years ago
  22. revolting

    I’ve been enjoying the hell out of the beta. Way more than I expected to. This is definitely replacing WoW for me, where a lot of other games have tried and failed. Some MMOs have been great, but none of them have sucked me away from WoW quite so completely.

    Seems everyone hates the graphics, but I don’t… I actually really like them. The slightly cartoony feel of the art direction fits the tone of the game perfectly, which more a realistic attempt wouldn’t at all, much like WoW. But that’s down to personal preference, obviously, and not everyone will be as approving of the style. It works for me, though.

    @ 21 no more so than the civilian transport from the films, both original ( and prequel (

    #22 3 years ago
  23. Dralen

    @21 Really!? That sucks.

    I was playing on some German server and I was getting amazing latency. Usually around 20-40ms.

    #23 3 years ago
  24. DarkElfa

    Grimrita, there are more than just 4 species, so you obviously didn’t look through every class. Also, I didn’t have any lag during my play, which is still going on.

    #24 3 years ago
  25. GrimRita

    I was on the US servers because on Friday, they only had 1(FULL) English server for EU at that time. It was only really Saturday evening when things became bad, as more folk joined the test. Combat lag was the biggest pain in the arse.

    Each class only had 4 species to choose from DarkElfa. VERY limiting like the character creation itself.

    #25 3 years ago

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