Rumour – Smash Bros-style fighter in the works at Superbot

Sunday, 27th November 2011 23:53 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Whispers have fledgling developer Superbot working on a PlayStation 3-exclusive fighter starring characters from Sony’s first-party line up.

According to the Paul Gale Network, the game is called Title Fight, plays in a similar fashion to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros series, and has been in development since 2010.

The site names Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth, Parappa the Rapper, God of War’s Kratos, Sly Cooper, Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, Killzone’s Colonel Mael Radec and Fat Princess as part of a cast of at least 20 characters. Player characters may be voiced, with Parappa the Rappa noted as frequently speaking.

Interestingly, the site claims a Daniel Craig-like James Bond will appear, as Sony is collaborating with MGM on the next entry in the film franchise.

Non-player characters are said to appear in the various arenas. The site names Sandover Village as a Hot Shots Golf-themed level, which includes interactive features like water hazards. A LittleBigPlanet level includes Buzz! remotes which can be collected to interrupt the action with a short trivia quiz, turning the tide of the fight.

Although the developer is kept under wraps, the Internet provides: Eurogamer noted Superbot’s website described the new studio as “an exclusive developer of Sony Computer Entertainment America currently in production of a yet-to-be announced PS3 title”.

Two job adverts drop hints as to the developer’s activities – one calling for a senior combat designer with “a strong familiarity with fighting games and fighting game theory”, and another for a lead designer with “a strong familiarity with online mode and matchmaking design as they apply to console gaming”.

NeoGaf users then unearthed a number of tweets from senior level designer Chris Molina which reportedly gave several clues, but the staffer has since deleted his entire account.

Gaf’s backups show a designer working on a female character model with a resemblance to Uncharted’s Elena; staffers playing with arcade fighting sticks; a Parappa plushie in the studio’s “capture station and waiting area”; Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal; and an error message mentioning both Kratos and Sweet Tooth.

“Checking out the original art assets from a Sony IP title we’re appropriating for my level – very cool seeing this environment in raw form,” Molina allegedly tweeted, along with “Second level design pitch approved by our studio leads! Now onto Sony Santa Monica for a final green light”.

The designer also reportedly linked to Sony’s “To Michael” commercial saying it was “vaguely foreshadowing our soon to be announced title”.

Sony, alas, does not comment on rumour or speculation.

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  1. Charlie Sheen

    First move now this? sony copys nintendo again…get original sony dawg.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. lexph3re

    I just had a discussion on this dumbass logic^ went exactly like this……

    Is it really a problem considering it is about competition? offer what your opponent offers so you can have more. I honestly don’t understand what is the deal with people complaining about sony for when you see Xbox and nintendo capatilizing on equivalent echnology. These guys aren’t the inventors of the technology but the pioneers of it and they are suppose to explore and improve it thats it

    And this when the guy commented back saying what about originality……

    No their isn’t, and if you want to talk about originallity then the spin they take to it is originality. You just know its a Smash esq. game and your already calling them rip offs. but all you really know is there throwing all the characters into a game. Does that mean it will play like Smash? Does that mean it is Smash? No its original already.

    Besides if the whole be “original” approach would have been enforced in technology since it’s birth we would still be writing letters instead of emails

    So yeah that theory is moot and just shows how limited ones mind frame really can be

    #2 3 years ago
  3. Christopher Jack

    David Jaffe made a comment on this via Twitter:

    “4 folks asking if I know anything about this rumored Sony brawler:news to me but if it is real, count me super jazzed! Been wanting a game_like that for a while! I can tell you I know some of the folks over at Superbot and whatever they R making- I genuinely don’t have a clue-_I am sure will be very cool cause they got some great talents over there!”

    #3 3 years ago
  4. The_Red

    @1 Did you know other companies had made fighters involving their own characters way before Nintendo? Or how about the fact that most of modern Super Smash Bro games (Excluding the weaker original in 1999) were copying design elements straight from Sega’s original Power Stone game?

    Yeah, Nintendo is always as saint and only non-Nintendo companies steal stuff. The game industry is very similar to wild west and everyone is steal ideas from everyone.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. Charlie Sheen

    @4 Capcom made power stone, super smash bros and power stone feel and look like different games so…u mad bro?

    #5 3 years ago
  6. Clupula

    Sega made Fighter’s Megamix before Smash Brothers was ever made. It was an actual 3D fighting game, not the silly party game bullshit of Smash Brothers. And #2 is exactly right. The only Smash Brothers aspect we know for certain it has in common is that it’s a first party cross over fighting game. They could take the gameplay wholesale and make it a lame party game thing, or it could be an actual Tekken/Soul Calibur-esque fighter (I’m hoping for the latter, myself).

    Nintendo fanboys live in some sort of delusional world where only Miyamoto has ever come up with an original idea.

    For example, fake Charlie Sheen (way to name yourself after the meme of the moment…if the moment was this past summer) doesn’t seem to realize that Smash Brothers DID take a lot from Power Stone. The easy-to-do single button attacks, the freedom to attack from anywhere. Just because Smash Brothers is more on a 2D plain than a 3D one does not mean Nintendo didn’t take ideas wholesale from Capcom.

    #6 3 years ago

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