More Star Wars: The Old Republic testing invites sent

Wednesday, 23rd November 2011 23:25 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Time to camp your inbox again; a new batch of beta invites have been sent for for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Senior community manager Stephen “Rockjaw” Reid announced the new round of testing, which will run till Monday November 28 at 11:59PM CST.

Players will be invited to play from one of two start times – on either Friday or Saturday, 10:00AM CST. Check how that lines up with your time zone here.

Reid said players will need to receive an email invite; start times will not be listed on tester pages. Users are encouraged to keep an eye on their spam folders. Although only two batches of emails are planned, invites will be sent gradually until about 1:00AM PST/4:00AM EST/9:00AM GMT/8:00PM AEDT, so don’t panic if yours hasn’t arrived. Players have until Saturday morning – presumably that’s US time – to accept their invites.

The BioWare staffer also confirmed that the game is suffering login issues, probably related to increased traffic. Reid asked users not to call customer support if experiencing login or security question issues as work on the issue is already underway.

The Old Republic is due in December.

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  1. GrimRita

    I’ve got mine. 20Gb download but not sure if I will. I feel if I play this now, I will end up cancelling my pre-order.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. DarkElfa

    Yay, 10 am Friday.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. jacobvandy

    These bastards won’t stop spamming my email with this junk. I’m 100% less interested than I was a couple months ago, what with the eleventy billion new games I have to play. Thinking about starting a new character in Skyrim, too…

    #3 3 years ago
  4. GwynbleiddiuM

    “You are logged in from a region that we do not allow someone to play from.” So why the hell you send me an invitation to your crap?! Can’t your shit check people’s contact information on their freakin’ profile?

    #4 3 years ago
  5. Phoenixblight


    You can easily circumvent that by just logging in with a VPN attached. I would suggest doing that.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. GwynbleiddiuM

    @5 yeah, but I’d have tons of latency because first I should connect through a server on the other side of planet, then connect to the swtor then that package should go through the same procedure to get back to me, and that would be retarded and unplayable. Needless to say I gotta download 20GB of data before any of that to happen using that method too. So I recon you get the idea of how screwed up suggested method sounds now.

    I played WoW for 4 years, I played GuildWars, I played Age of Conan, I played LoTRO, etc, never had twisted issues like this, now all of a sudden I gotta tunnel to access SWTOR? I think I’ll just say to EA and BioWare to go screw themselves, I think I don’t need this ShitstarWars: The Old Retardic anyway.

    PS: I’m pissed, but I’d like you to know it’s not directed at you, so I hope you don’t get upset about it. :D

    #6 3 years ago
  7. GrimRita

    Just to clarify – these are not ‘new’ beta invites. This is just a date and time to actually play, following on from the previous ‘you have been selected to play SWTWoW’ sent out last week.

    #7 3 years ago
  8. viralshag

    @1, If that’s how you feel surely now would be the best time to play it? What’s the point in spending money on something you don’t think you will like if you have the opportunity to try it out this weekend?

    I got my invite, testing starts on the Friday for me. Gutted that I have work and a leaving do to go to.

    #8 3 years ago
  9. Talkar

    He won’t be able to troll as much if he cancels his preorder ;)

    #9 3 years ago
  10. silkvg247

    @GrimRita why are you thinking of playing this at all? It’s EA, the company you’ve done nothing but rant about lately. It might end up needing Origin to run, it already needs your EA ID to log in. :p

    Just wondered why the double standard.

    If anyone does play the beta I suggest playing the opposite faction to what you intend to play at launch. That way you won’t spoil anything and will get a good feel for the game.

    My first impressions are that graphically it needs polish, but maybe it’ll look nicer if they simply fix AA as right now it’s jaggies ahoy!

    Sound is of course top notch and playability.. so far so good. The questing is definitely the most immersive seen so far in a game, I’m pretty sure that’s due to the excellent voice acting rather than actual quest content (which is your usual kill stuff or get stuff or go somewhere..)

    The UI is fine, does everything you’d expect in a modern PC MMO i.e. More WOW and less FFXIV.

    There’s a few new cool ideas too, such as companions who’ll help you in combat and can be upgraded / level up with you. They can also go off and do sidequests which take x minutes and give Y reward.

    #10 3 years ago
  11. GrimRita

    Until it requires the use of EAs spyware then it remains on my shopping list – so its far from being a double standard. I of course already have an EA ID from earlier Battlefield games and, a login for Bioware

    Regarding factions – it has to be Empire. I wanted to be a Bounty Hunter but thats pointless as you cant hunt anything(in terms of player bounties) so I am looking at being a Sith Wizard..whoops, Assassin!

    In reference to ‘cool new ideas’ from the recent crop of videos its certainly lacking in this area and it seems like its taking a step back considering what Galaxies offers(ed).

    I do need a ‘new’ MMO in my life but if SWTWoW as the same kind of pvp as Rift then it will swiftly be uninstalled. I am praying that the guys behind the superb Warhammer online pvp will be allowed to flex their creative muscle and produce something that isnt based upon rankings of stats as it makes pvp so unbalanced.

    In Rift(I believe its changing soon) you reach level 50 and still get your butt kicked because of ranked gear. So a level 50 ranked 1 pvp player will still get slapped silly by a level 50 ranked 2 simply due to the stats on their gear.

    Graphically – meh. But that isnt a deal breaker for me as I put up with the muppet show styling for WoW.

    #11 3 years ago
  12. silkvg247

    tbh I don’t get much of a WoW feel from it at all. I mean yes it has a standard interface, and the standard itself was more or less laid down by WoW, but other than that not really. It’s one of the few MMO betas I have played where you *don’t* see constant WoW comparisons in general chat. Everyone’s too busy enjoying the game for what it is, and getting engrossed in the storyline and questing which let’s face it is what an RPG is supposed to be all about.

    PvP so far seems good, but not played it enough to comment on properly. What I will say is it doesn’t feel particularly different, bunch of muppets running around ignoring objectives, the usual! Although a nice touch was you can elect an MVP at the end, which has more to do with how players viewed your contribution rather than your score. And I managed to get one yaay. Now if only I knew what they actually do.. possibly just give you more rank or whatever.

    #12 3 years ago
  13. GrimRita

    I was hoping for combat to be more engaging and its a missed opportunity for Bioware. Combat is far from ‘heroic’ its just 3 NPCs instead of 1 with reduced health bars to give you the impression that you are actually doing more.

    Personally, I would love to see the game offer/do more. Huttball is an excellent opportunity to have betting, the Hutts could cheat or throw some scandal in to the mix – IGN’s preview of being a netural is a worry as its extremely difficult to do anything – so why cant a Smuggler/Bounty Hunter work for both sides, instead of being shoe horned into a faction?

    There’s lots of things they could/should have done to make the game do far more than WoW and give people a reason to move from WoW to SWTWoW but right now, why should someone give up a 7 year investment to start over and grind again? Sure, there will be a few but if this game doesnt at least take a huge chunk out of WoWs market share, it will be deemed a failure by the community(rightly or wrongly).

    Warhammer online, Age of Conan were deemed failures because it didnt have 10 million players, which of course is silly but thats how a lot of people judge if they should be part of an MMO.

    As I said yesterday, beta will make or break this game for many people.

    #13 3 years ago
  14. silkvg247

    It’s early days yet. WoW didn’t even have BG’s at launch, or am I getting old? I can’t remember if WSG was patched after or not.

    Also to say my highest char is level 10, I don’t really think I’m in a position to say the game doesn’t have enough new stuff. Heck I don’t even have my own ship yet.

    So far the beta has made me look forwards to the game more than I was originally (I’m not a massive SW fan so was a bit on the fence).

    #14 3 years ago
  15. GrimRita

    WoW didnt have alot of stuff at launch but has raised the bar for what an MMO should have(again, rightly or wrongly) at launch.

    Galaxies at launch didnt have vehicles or mounts so you had to run everywhere(my god!) but what it did have was open world pvp. I remember the nightly battles outside Bestine and Anchorhead between the rebels and empire – they were fantastic. Groups of 80-100 people all in combat!

    Sure, if you didnt want to get involved, you could watch but pity the poor Doctor who might have tossed a heal out, would instantly make him a target and within the blink of an eye, be lying dead lol.

    Bounty Hunting in SWG was worth the sub fee alone for me. I loved tracking down Jedi and killing them. I was an Imperial BH and decided not to hunt down Sith but Bounty Hunters could decide if they wanted to hunt down Jedi and/or Sith – that was the beauty of the system.

    I hope SWTWoW will add something like this asap because an MMO needs more than ‘story’ and dull arenas for those interested in pvp.

    #15 3 years ago
  16. Talkar

    But hunting players was also a problem in galaxies. It encouraged ganking, which i’m very much against, but i agree with you that it takes away the feeling of being a bounty hunter if you can’t hunt players. Maybe it will be added later if it can be done in a better way than it was in galaxies.

    #16 3 years ago

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