Sales: Sears and Target release Black Friday ads

Saturday, 19 November 2011 18:14 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Guess what happens next week? Yep. Black Friday. Lucky for us, or unlucky for us – it’s all in how you look at it – we’ll be on our second of three Thanksgiving dinners with family, and stuck inside a house full of food and spirits instead of braving the crowds stampeding for a deal. However, if you’re the brave sort, or just willing to go through anything to save a buck or twenty, Target and Sears have a few gaming-related sales going on you may be interested in, such as: new game releases for $37, console bundles, and older releases for cheap. Joystiq has the fliers and a rundown posted here and here. More Black Friday deals, specifically from Walmart, Microsoft, Best Buy, GameStop and Toys R Us, can be found through a previous post.

Valve should be getting in on the mix with a Steam sale soon, and we suggest you get your bank account padded ahead of time in preparation.