New Zealand games jobs up 46% in last 12 months

Thursday, 17 November 2011 00:20 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The New Zealand games industry has seen significant growth over the past year.

The New Zealand National Business Review reports the local industry grew to 359 equivalent full-time jobs at the end of September, a 46% increase year-on-year.

A further 99 jobs, split over programmers, artists and managers, are expected to be created over the next year, representing a projected growth of 27%.

The figures were produced by a New Zealand Game Developers Association survey of 21 studios, among them Sidhe, SmallWorlds, Cerebral Fix, NinjaKiwi, and Grinding Gear Games. The majority are locally owned, and 77% had self-published titles.

The surveyed studios have 59 games in the works, most of which are intended for global audiences. Over the past few years, 73% of respondents had produced iPhone games, 42% online browser-based games, 30% console games, 35% downloadable PC games and 35% Android games.

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