MW3 sells 6.5 million units in US, UK within first 24 hours

Friday, 11th November 2011 13:31 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Activision’s announced Modern Warfare 3 made $400 million in its first 24 hours in the US and UK, selling 6.5 million units in the process.

The sales figure is up 900,000 units on last year’s Black Ops, and is a million more than what Battlefield 3 did in its first five days.

The $400 million mark is a staggering statistic that makes the Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer collaboration the third straight year Activision has made “day one launch records across all forms of entertainment,” according to the press release it sent out.

Black Ops sold 5.6 million units in 2010 when it made $360 million in its first day, while Modern Warfare 2 sold 4.7 million and made $310 million when it released in 2009.

Activision boss Bobby Kotick claims LTD sales for the entire CoD franchise “exceed worldwide theatrical box office for “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings,” two of the most successful entertainment franchises of all time.

“Other than Call of Duty, there has never been another entertainment franchise that has set opening day records three years in a row,” he added.

Acti Publishing Eric Hirshberg added: “Call of Duty is more than a game. It’s become a major part of the pop cultural landscape. It is a game that core enthusiasts love, but that also consistently draws new people into the medium. It is the most intense, adrenaline pumping entertainment experience anywhere.

“I would like to thank our incredible teams at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games for making a brilliant game. But most of all, I would like to thank our millions of passionate fans worldwide. We made this game for you.”

MW3 went on sale worldwide on Tuesday for PS3, 360, Wii – that particular version made by Treyarch – and PC.



  1. Quasar

    well, the world is full of noobs

    #1 3 years ago
  2. Dark

    They eat up the mediocrity like it was a chocolate cake .. what a joke

    #2 3 years ago
  3. Moonwalker1982

    I’ve already heard from some hardcore COD players that they find MW3 incredibly dissappointing.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. Johnny Cullen

    I liked Modern Warfare 3. Was a lot better than MW2 and definitely liked it a lot more than BF3′s campaign.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. Christopher Jack

    Disappointing. I don’t hate CoD, I just hate how overrated it is, why should a game as generic as this sell more in one day than something like Uncharted 3 or Skyrim will sell in it’s entire life time? The story’s always short & uninspired & the multiplayer has barely changed since #4.

    What annoys me almost as much as it’s undeserved success are those who think the game defines perfection. Sure it’s okay to love the game, but to ignorantly claim that games they’ve never played are shit is just pathetic, it’s the fanboy mentality, keep it in sports people!

    #5 3 years ago
  6. Thalius

    How can they compare CoD to Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings????? The price tag “per” item is abismal. 1 cinema ticket versus 1 game is like comparing the price tag of a Smart car to a House. Utter riddiculous…

    #6 3 years ago
  7. MegaGeek1

    I dont know why people hate, there is nothing mediocre about the game.

    #7 3 years ago
  8. Fin

    Man this is so disappointing.

    I hate when other people like stuff I don’t like.

    #8 3 years ago
  9. Frank17

    Camp was cool. I only rented this game and took it back today. MP is annoying and not fun. No tactics still run and gun since cod 4. This franchise needs a new gameplay and graphic engine, for me to start playing it again. Battlefield 3 is so much better than cod. I don’t understand y noone sees it. Reason cod sells is cuz any dumb ass can pick up the controller and start raping in less than 30 min. In battlefield Its the tactics that make it fun. The better graphics, the destruction in the envoriments. Grow up cod u goin down the ladder w crappy treyarch up next

    #9 3 years ago


    The war is won.

    Mission accomplished.

    Goodnight folks.

    Let’s eat some cake.

    #10 3 years ago
  11. Gama_888

    @5 My thoughts exactly.

    I dont hate cod, i even enjoy a little blast on the multiplayer some times.
    But i hate the fact that its the biggest franchise in entertainment despite insane lack of almost ANY innovation at all, in the last 5 years.

    Sooner or later though people will wise up. My prediction is that this is the last time Cod will break records.
    The Core audience that plays cod sees it as Modern warfare and the other series. A lot of people i know switched back to cod4 from WaW, same goes for mw2 and black ops.
    And iv heard from a lot of people i know that typically lick cods ass and say its amazing, finally realising that the difference between the games is very little.

    So i think this time next year, there will be much more people that give the next cod iteration a miss.
    sure it will sell like hot shit again. but i dont think it will beat mw3.

    #11 3 years ago
  12. OrbitMonkey

    @5, “Sure it’s okay to love the game, but to ignorantly claim that games they’ve never played are shit is just pathetic…”

    Er, that’s not happening. Theirs a lot of CoD bashing, bit don’t try to justify it by claiming those of us who appreciate CoD are putting down others.

    We’re to be busy PLAYING THE BEST GAME EVA!!!


    #12 3 years ago
  13. lexph3re

    It’s funny, When Modern Warfare “Sells” 6.8mil in 24hours people don’t even question it they believe all of it is sold to the customer. But when a game like ooohh Uncharted 3 says it sold 3.8mil in the first day people start throwing the words “shipped” around. So it’s more possible for CoD to do legitimate 6.8 mil sells day one and not legit for Uncharted to do a little over half of that day 1? Jeez the trolls sure do show their Biased

    #13 3 years ago
  14. Joe Musashi

    @13 Few question information they are happy to believe. The Uncharted 3 article made a point of talking shipped/sold so that naturally became the focus of the ensuing discussion.


    #14 3 years ago
  15. Ireland Michael

    Well, I guess that’s Activision’s bankroll sorted for the next year.

    I’ve honestly never given a flying fuck about the sales of a game, only in so far as whether something sells enough to keep the developers whose games I enjoy afloat.

    Hating a game based on sales is stupid. Hate it for its quality (or lack thereof) instead.

    #15 3 years ago
  16. manamana

    @G1GA good. Your fanboyish behaviour over the last couple months can take a brake now?

    #16 3 years ago
  17. Christopher Jack

    @12, Never said everybody who plays it puts down others, I’m just annoyed at a select few who criticize every single other game without playing it just because it’s not CoD. Even many of my mates are like “CoD’s gonna shit all overz Battlefield”, I sigh every time I hear/read something like that. As I’ve stated earlier, fanboy mentality.

    #17 3 years ago

    Hating a piece of software that you don’t even own or have any need to use is stupid, full stop.

    #18 3 years ago


    This is only the beginning!!!



    #19 3 years ago
  20. Monk

    This`s just, SAD !

    #20 3 years ago
  21. reask

    @ frank 17.
    This dumbass is playing more than half an hour and aint doing much raping.
    Getting plenty raped though.

    For people who say it doesn’t take skill I say watch me playing and you will think different.
    It takes me half a clip to kill yet my 13 year old can put them down in 2 or 3 bullets.
    You need to be both quick and accurate to do well at this game both of which I aint.

    #21 3 years ago

    reask, you’re not giving you little one enough credit.

    Seriously, I’ve played her, and she’s actually really good.

    #22 3 years ago
  23. reask

    Oh I know Giga she is really good.
    her very first game on mw3 was ffa and she won it whilst chatting to me.

    I reckon if she was bothered her k/d would be 3 or 4 but she just runs back in to get the job done.
    I actually enjoy watching her play as she is so sharp.
    I am looking at her kills and saying that’s what the other buggers are doing to me.

    Its an unforgiving game and rightly so.
    Its man up or feck off. :D

    #23 3 years ago
  24. reask

    Hey Giga we should organise a private ffa session between a few of the heads here.
    Peacefish orbitmonkey Tea would be up for it I am sure and anyone else on the site.

    Would be a howl I reckon.

    #24 3 years ago
  25. stretch215

    Why is every COD article littered with random hate? I mean, really? Why are people mad about the success of a GAME (that noone is forcing you to play)? Just take a step back and think about your comments. Then maybe you’ll see the ridiculousness. That being said, I’m having blast with both COD & BF3 (yes fanboys, it IS possible), and anyone who says that you can rape after just 30 minutes of either is a damn fool.

    #25 3 years ago
  26. DSB

    Is it really such a mystery stretch?

    I think CoD speaks to the worst in people. It comes out quite often, one half of the games (the Treyarch ones) aren’t very good, it’s got a simple formula that it doesn’t really need to do a lot about, and it has all the succes in the world for it. I think that provokes a lot of people. They don’t mind people being succesful, but they don’t want them to be too succesful.

    I don’t think it’s coincidental that CoD was the most universally popular shooter when it only sold 5 million, but suddenly turned into the most reviled once it passed 10.

    Imagine if Uncharted sold that much. I bet you a lot of people will be like “Well, it’s shit now. They’ve sold out”. It happens with pretty much everything.

    There’s also a theory in sociology or anthropology that people only want people they consider cool to like something with them. So when people playing CoD can look around and see everybody and their aunt playing it too, suddenly it becomes repulsive to them, because they feel those lesser classes reflect on themselves.

    #26 3 years ago
  27. Ireland Michael

    @26 You don’t believe its at all possible that some people may just dislike it based entirely on their perceived opinion of its quality?

    #27 3 years ago
  28. manamana

    @19 heh, I thought so. But you could at least wait for the DLC. BF3 or MW3 doesn’t matter in that regard … ;-)

    #28 3 years ago
  29. DSB

    @27 I think what I’m saying is that it’s largely based on perception, and that’s what makes it a little silly.

    I think the very rapid shift in the “internet narrative” of what CoD is and does is a little too convenient. The anger towards CoD is pretty much entirely parallel to its sales.

    The fact that the quality essentially hasn’t changed throughout the years makes that even more puzzling. People used to have no problem being extremely anxious for the next chapter, but now suddenly it’s a console port, and the biggest problem with gaming today.

    If you don’t like it, then you’re certainly welcome not to, but embittered and paranoid concepts of 30 million CoD players suddenly being children, frat boys or diseased amputees is too hysterical in my opinion, to be based on anything real.

    #29 3 years ago
  30. Ireland Michael

    @29 “The fact that the quality essentially hasn’t changed throughout the years makes that even more puzzling.”

    This I disagree with. Whether it’s the single player or the mutiplayer, I feel the quality has seriously deteriorated.

    Infinity War were talented at what they did, there’s no doubt about that. They have a knack for setting, atmosphere, and cohesiveness. The latter especially is what I feel has been lost in the franchise in the past few years.

    Sledgehammer are no Infinity Ward.

    Other franchise continue to grow, improve on past ideas, cut away the chaff and expand on what they had before. Call of Duty has become… static.

    That’s how I see it, anyway.

    #30 3 years ago
  31. DSB

    @30 Well, the whole anti-CoD campaign started around CoD4, so I don’t see what Sledgehammer have to do with it. I haven’t played MW3 myself, so I wouldn’t know.

    I think it would be a shame to assume that every FPS developer has to be DICE and play by their rules. That’s an entirely different game striving for entirely different things, even if the base genre is the same.

    And they’re open to the same ammount of subjectivity. Before BF3 I honestly thought they’d lost the plot. BC2 was a huge step backwards from what they were capable of in the old days.

    I can see how Call of Duty would look like a dead horse being flogged if you don’t actually enjoy it. More of what you don’t like is never going to be a good thing. But like it says in the article above, you’d only want it to change if you didn’t actually enjoy it, and quite obviously a lot of people enjoy it every year (or every other year, as it were).

    There’s even a number of quite venemous commenters on this little microcosm who still buy it year after year, in spite of supposedly hating it.

    #31 3 years ago
  32. stretch215

    @dsb I understand all that,I just wanted to point out the ridiculousness.

    #32 3 years ago

    Another article on CoD hate:

    And while there’s no way that I agree with the claim that CoD has in any way, shape or form “deteriorated”, I have to admit that there’s nothing that I’ve seen in the SPs since CoD4 that can compare to this:

    #33 3 years ago


    Yeah, I’m up for it. I’ve already started a VG247 group on the PS3 Elite, so if we all join, we can use it to arrange games and what not…

    #34 3 years ago
  35. Ireland Michael

    @31 I’m just saying their quality isn’t up to snuff.

    Honestly, I enjoyed Modern Warfare 2 (skipped over World at War). It was after that I stopped enjoying the repetitiveness of the whole experience.

    #35 3 years ago
  36. spiderLAW

    I used to have you on xbox Live (thelawlaidlaw) but have canceled my account on Live. Add me to PSN: Spiderlaw. Same with you Gigahurtz, would be great to play with a fellow pro ;)
    i think i need to still add Viralshag (Peacefish) and OrbitMonkey

    #36 3 years ago
  37. Frank17

    #21. Dude I rented cod did raping ans stiles. Same game its lame boring played out. And I hate hearing stupid little teenagers talk shit. Thank u call of duty. Ill stick to bf3 more tactics and fun way more fun. Plus its realistic not cartoony. And #21 fat kid. I played till a level 12 and had a k/d of 3.1 so get on my level. Or play battlefield and ill make u quit and trade it in

    #37 3 years ago
  38. Ireland Michael

    @37 You really should consider working on that alpha male testosterone issue of yours. Just sayin’.

    #38 3 years ago
  39. reask

    OK GIga will do.
    I take it I go to the elite section to join.
    It was still not working properly yesterday but I was getting further so I reckon it should be up and running.

    @ spiderlaw.
    Will do but im a noob so just use me for practice.
    Not a big gun and runner so be prepared for different tactics. :)

    I think I sent you a request but the name coming back the i looks like an l plus some capital some not.

    If thats not you send one to reask 1.

    #39 3 years ago
  40. reask

    Not saying your not doing well frank but some of us lesser mortals tend to struggle with it.
    I know lots of folk who have a hard time with it.
    I mean you would imagine if it was as easy as you seem to find it for everyone that it would be dead in the water long time ago.

    #40 3 years ago

    Yeah reask, Elite was working properly earlier today from the PS3 app, but it seems to be struggling again…

    You should be able to join the group from there.

    #41 3 years ago
  42. reask

    what’s it called?

    #42 3 years ago

    The group is called: VG247

    Inventive, huh?

    #43 3 years ago
  44. spiderLAW

    @Reask. Yeah, thats me. SpIdErLaW :) Ill accept the request when i get home from work.

    #44 3 years ago
  45. Stephany Nunneley

    @43 I’ll join up once I get better at it so I don’t get yelled at and told to get back in the kitchen when I play with you guys.

    #45 3 years ago
  46. DSB

    Yeah, now that definitely won’t happen Steph!

    #46 3 years ago
  47. Stephany Nunneley

    @46 What? Me getting good at it or being told to get back in the kitchen? :D

    #47 3 years ago
  48. DSB

    Being told to get back in the kitchen, of corpse.

    It’s like going “Okay nobody call me a banana.”

    YOU FUCKING BANANA! will always be the only possible outcome.

    #48 3 years ago
  49. Stephany Nunneley

    @28 HAHHAHA! :D

    #49 3 years ago
  50. reask

    Hey Steph no worries about been the worst I will probably take that trophy. ;)
    Now Patrick Garret what about yourself?
    We need the boss. :D

    #50 3 years ago
  51. spiderLAW

    you do know we are playing on the PS3 right? You would need to get your PSN on and last i remember, you didnt want to do that lol.

    #51 3 years ago
  52. Stephany Nunneley

    @51 Crap. Mine is for 360. :(

    #52 3 years ago
  53. silkvg247

    Oh dear god that’s a lot of sheep. Despair for humanity += 10

    #53 3 years ago
  54. OrbitMonkey

    ^ Oh dear god, another internet drama queen.

    Despair for humanity!! *swoon*

    #54 3 years ago
  55. ASBI

    my brother used to hate CoD just because everybody else on his friends list loved it and played all the time

    even though he didnt even watch any gameplay footage, just hated the brand

    I took the risk of buying mw2 just to prove him wrong, I was 100% sure that it will be awesome, why would all these people play the game if it isnt that good ?

    he played for +38 days of playtime !! :D

    #55 3 years ago

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