Report – US spent 24% more on free-to-play MMO titles in 2011

Wednesday, 9th November 2011 15:49 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Market analysis firm NewZoo has issued a report stating that US users spent 24% more on free-to-play MMO in 2011 compared to 2010. The firm predicts $1.2 billion will be spent on the games this year.

The firm’s 2011 MMO Games Market Report found that 47% of MMO spending was on F2P titles in the US, compared to 39% in 2010. In Europe the figure was 53%, in Asia 51%, and 59% was spend on F2P MMOs in emerging markets.

“The MMO games market is rapidly turning global,” noted NewZoo CEO Peter Warman, via Gamasutra. “It has become increasingly important for MMO developers and publishers to think carefully about which titles to publish in what territories and how to adapt the games according to local preferences, including monetization models that work best.

“Recent lay-offs and the sudden death of Lego Universe are serious warnings for the MMO games industry. Success will also strongly depend on how MMO companies extend their unique gameplay and IP across other game platforms, specifically mobile.”

The report also found that US players spend 26 million hours a day playing MMOs, according to the report’s findings, with total consumer spend on MMOs in the regions grew 3% to $2.6 billion compared to $2.5 billion yoy.

It was also noted in the report that 84% of US MMO games played were browser-based, and half of those polled also played client-based versions.



  1. GrimRita

    Ive spent a bit of money of League of Legends and probably more, if you dont include subs to WoW. Right now, I am looking forward to End of Nations and on a lower scale, SWTWoW.

    Due to the success of WoW, everyone rushed to the MMO table thinking its a great way to make money, when the reality is – it simply isnt. It costs huge amounts of cash for development and if you have an unsuccessful launch/subs model, it will end up going to the wall.

    It is interesting how today, Blizzard announced they lost 2 million subs to WoW over 12 months ( ) probably due to the economy and the fact WoW is VERY stale.

    MMOs have just become grind fests and SWTWoW wont be any different and it will be interesting to see how quickly that will become F2P.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. Se_7_eN

    This should change with the release of TOR imo, since there is nothing new out there on the MMO market really.

    #2 3 years ago

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