Quick quotes: “Games can be somewhat more artistic than movies,” says Naughty Dog

Thursday, 3rd November 2011 08:32 GMT By Johnny Cullen

“Maybe I’m attached to this, but I do think games can actually be somewhat more artistic than movies. I have a tremendous amount of appreciation for what developers are able to pull off on such a limited amount of processing power, time, and… everything. To me, art is being able to take one set of things and make it into something completely different… something otherworldly and unpredictable.” – Naughty Dog’s lead effects designer Keith Guerrette, speaking to GoN, on the games being art matter. The studio’s latest game, Uncharted 3, is out now.



  1. Shonak

    Yep, I think he’s right. Games like Ico, SotC, Dark Souls, Alan Wake & countless indie-titles like Bastion and Limbo have proven that to me. The movie business itself is mostly nowadays a simple reflection of a past, modern or futuristic worlds, concentrating on things the viewer knows from somewhere, while Games often take you truly to different places and also create their own world, in doing so they create smthg that is worthy of the name “art” since it is special, atmospheric and allows to dive into a game. Thereby it’s not important that they are often insufficient in terms of storytelling, for me it’s all about the effort, the result and how I react to it. And lately, over the last few years, I’ve been getting this feeling much more from games than any movie I’ve seen. And as a another argument, the last movie I’d call art was Pan’s Labyrinth and that movie was truly released ages ago. But art is art and everybody interprets differently, so I guess not much point discussing actually.

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