Tuesday shorts: Time Travelers, GTA III, Shadowrun

Tuesday, 18 October 2011 11:09 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Shortyfy below the below.

  • Grand Theft Auto III turns ten this weekend. To note that, IGN‘s talked to a couple of devs from Valve, Bethesda and Insomniac about its influence.
  • There’s a documentary on the soundtrack to Okabu, the PSN title releasing in the US today and EU tomorrow, on the US PS Blog.
  • What is Time Travelers genre? It’s based on choice and quick-time events, according to Siliconera.
  • Kotaku has an interview with the makers of the new browser-based Shadowrun game announced last week.
  • Here’s some launch screenies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC, The Missing Link. It launches on US PS3, PC and 360 today, with EU PS3 tomorrow.