Mithril Edition of Lord of the Rings Online now up for grabs

Saturday, 8 October 2011 21:49 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Turbine is to release a Mithril Edition of Lord of the Rings Online, which looks to be a rather nice deal if you’ve yet to try it out. It will run you $29.99 and includes the game discs, a starter guide, keyboard map, 2,000 Turbine Points for spending in the in-game store, an exclusive Steed of the Horse-lords mount, and a quest pack covering the Trollshaws, Eregion, Moria and Lothlorien. Heck, the mount alone would cost you around $20 in the store anyway, so this is a bit of a bargain as the whole package is valued at $50. Seriously, Turbine, you’re killing my bank account with all these horses.Check it out here. Thanks, Massively.