Hitman: Absolution has stealthy “hardcore” mode

Saturday, 8th October 2011 18:12 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Hitman: Absolution producer Hakan Abrak has said the game will feature a hardcore difficulty mode for fans of the series, and and it’s a stealth-based mode.

Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, Abrak said the inclusion is a nod to the gameplay of previous Hitman titles.

“We will get into more details at a later point, but obviously it’s linked to the playing style,” he said. “It’s more pacify your enemies, be undetected, maybe solve the challenges in a smarter way. That will probably give you a stealth assassin achievement.

“We have a lot of difficulty levels in the game as well. Rest assured, the hardcore fans that like to have replayablity value in the game or want to have this stealth assassin – you know, I’m the ultimate stealth assassin – that playing style, those Achievements, are very much in the game.

“There’s a huge replayability value in it and we have some features in the game I cannot speak about that will enhance this and make this easier, and heighten the replayability value for the hardcore players as well.”

Abrak said the hardcore mode even has its own “very special name,” and while he wasn’t at liberty to divulge it at the time, it is “going to please the hardcore fans.”

Absolution is out next year for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.



  1. Hunam

    I love how games now are announced, shown off, hit with public backlash and then quietly redesigned and touted as something they had all along!

    #1 3 years ago
  2. K-V-C

    i wish a game that focused on stealth alot would take it seriously like more realism !!!! like in deus ex HR if you killed a guard and set off an alarm then they would go into alarm mode but if you wait a minute then theyd carry on like nothing happened then again every game does this but i wish theyd stay in alarm mode

    #2 3 years ago
  3. Noodlemanny

    I bloody well hopes so. Just need to get it actually right.
    @Human. True, Annoyingly true.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. Phoenixblight


    You have proof that is the case because there has been no mention of them going backwards? There has been very little to no information in the first place. The only thing they have mentioned is that the game will be more friendlier to newcomers with Instinct Mode and that the game will focus on AGent 47′s story.

    Negative Nancy much?

    #4 3 years ago
  5. Moonwalker1982

    @ 1

    Not entirely true in Absolution’s case. They have said from day one, since its announcement that there would be a hardcore difficulty mode for the people looking for a challenge and who didn’t want that ‘instinct’ stuff.

    I just hope we still DO have the new disguises system in this hardcore mode though.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. Sadismek

    I only hope that they’ll implement the blood on clothes, it just seems so unreal that you shoot someone in the chest until he dies, and when you take his clothes, you don’t have any blood stains on it. At least put this in hardcore mode, please!

    #6 3 years ago
  7. OrbitMonkey

    I just love how whiney fans bitch like little girls that a game has lost Its way after seeing a 30 second trailer. Then after months of baseless speculation & even more bellyaching, think they’ve scored some kind of victory, when the dev finally reveals some tangible evidence that dispells their negative delusions…

    I imagine this hardcore mode will be called “stop your moaning dweebs”.

    #7 3 years ago
  8. YoungZer0

    @1: Right … you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

    @7: Thank you sir, your comment made my day.

    #8 3 years ago
  9. Moonwalker1982

    Yeah the comment is fine and dandy but very untrue as well. I said it before, but i guess you didn’t read it. The developers have made this known much earlier on already. Basically this is old news, it was however only told by a developer on the Hitman forums and not in official gaming news yet.

    I do agree that some hardcore fans whine about anything, but some of them are right too. They are making Hitman more accessible, cool…but why god oh why must there be a ‘look through walls’ option in there? Does that sound like Hitman to you? Not to me. Alot of the other new features sound great though. But i can definitely understand the criticism.

    But again your comment about ‘some kind of victory’ is nonsense. All the people on the Official Hitman forum knew about it, for quite some time now.

    #9 3 years ago
  10. YoungZer0

    @9: “but why god oh why must there be a ‘look through walls’ option in there?”

    … so, it’s basically like the map from all the previous Hitman games, only without the map.

    #10 3 years ago
  11. Phoenixblight


    When they mention the instinct option they had also mentioned that can be turned off much like Batman: AA with detective mode. I am fine with doing that for people that want to get in the series or want to play the game for the story as long as I can turn it off.

    #11 3 years ago
  12. bpcgos

    Do hitman always about stealth?? Reinstalling Blood Money recently, and I knew it for sure its not about stealth or being undetected (its sounds like splinter cell)! Its about killing our target with any mean necessary! I hope what they said is true,though!

    #12 3 years ago
  13. The_Deleted

    I agree, guards should be totally on edge until you’re tracked down. It makes for a more challenging game, but also keeps you on edge.

    #13 3 years ago
  14. OrbitMonkey

    All I want is a variety of ways to get to & dispatch the target. With a side relish of black comedy. Fingers crossed :)

    #14 3 years ago
  15. Moonwalker1982

    @ 11

    Yes, but they also said something new called the ‘disguises’ system is part of Instinct mode. So i hope we can turn that looking through walls stuff off but still have this new or improved disguises feature.

    It’s true that now the mini-map is gone, this is basically the replacement, but i believe Instinct mode also predicts the path of guards. Thats something the minimap didn’t do. Hitman is just so damn good, i can understand that people are afraid they are gonna ruin it. They are afraid they are turning it into a SC: Conviction.

    #15 3 years ago

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