Apple’s App Review Board fails to detect unplayable five dollar copyright infringement

Monday, 3 October 2011 03:53 GMT By Matt Williams

The reliability of Apple’s App Review Board has been brought into question with the revelation that an apparently unplayable and blatantly copyright infringing title has managed to slip through the system unnoticed.

Priced at the comparatively expensive price of $4.99, Ninja Turtles sports an app icon that features the popular licensed characters. ‘In game’ Images for the game feature backgrounds ripped directly from the NES classic Contra.

Customer reviews claim that there is “no way to actually interact with the game” and that the character “immediately slides off the side of the screen”.

Created by Namphuong Star, the app’s support page appears to be a Vietnamese spam site.

More disappointing than the fact the game has been able to slip through the system is the fact that it has been available for purchase since August 18 2011 and is still readily available to buy.

Thanks, Destructoid.