Square prices Army Corps of Hell for Vita’s Japanese release

Friday, 30th September 2011 16:18 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Square has announced pricing for at least one of its Vita titles releasing on December 17. Army Corps of Hell will run consumers ¥4,980 ($64.78) for the packages version, and ¥3,990 ($51.90) for the downloadable version. The game carries a D-rating, which is for 17 years of age and over, and will not require the use of a Memory Card. As far as other software pricing is concerned, it has been preciously revealed that Nippon Ichi will charge ¥6,090 ($79.22) for Disgaea 3 Return. Via Andriansang. Thanks, StolenGlory



  1. CycloneFox

    So it should be arround 39~49€. If so it would be okay. The problem about this gaming generation is, that developement gets far too expensive. Especially for Japan-Only Games, which are the majority of Japanese games. You can’t develop an AAA Title for an HD Console if you only have arround 100.000 people who would buy it and if you are not sure, if anyone would buy it outside of Japan.
    The PS Vita might have similar problems because of similar graphics. But at least, sony learned their lessons and made developing tools cheaper and easier to use. Maybe Japanese games will catch up within the next three years. I really doubt the next videogame generation will ahve such a huge jump in developing extenses.

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