Rumour – Dead Space 3 script details leaked

Tuesday, 27 September 2011 01:04 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Purportedly leaked script details for the unannounced but almost guaranteed Dead Space 3 place portagonist Issaac Clarke navigating the hazards of a snowy planet called Tau Volantis.

Siliconera cites a regular source for the details; the site has been vindicated in previous leaks including Syndicate details.

Isaac is said to have crash-landed on the planet, where the icy climate results in white-out – a suitably frightening horror situation seen in Silent Hill’s fog.

After finding shelter, Isaac reportedly discovers other survivors of the crash, including Dead Space’s Ellie and new character Jennifer, a technology enthusiast who plans to reverse engineer research by the mysterious Rosetta company.

The three characters meet up, climb a mountain, and apparently hear an unidentified howling.

EA has made several references to the likelihood of Dead Space 3, expecting Visceral’s third entry to take the franchise into bestseller status.

Thanks, Edo!