Notch reveals new Minecraft mob for 1.9

Thursday, 22 September 2011 07:35 GMT By Jessica Citizen

Another day, another new snippet of Minecraftian goodness. Today, creator Notch has gotten frustrated with the game and done what we all would do in his situation: Created a new, friendly mob.

I’d like to introduce you to the Snow Golem, who will be visiting you as part of the 1.9 update for Minecraft – and, unlike those spooky Endermen, these ones are friendly. And you can make them yourself, just add water.

While he’s nice to you, he’s not so nice to other things – MTV Multiplayer reports that the Snow Golem “will lob snowballs at creepers and the like in an attempt to pull their attacks away from you.”

It gets slightly less impressive when you realise the snowballs deal zero damage, but that’s not the point. They’re distracting, so the attacking mob will pay attention to something-that-isn’t-you while you get your defences ready.

After everything, the Snow Golem is made of virtual snow – as he walks around he’ll leave a trail of the wite stuff – and if he follows you somewhere a little too warm, he’ll melt. Oops. Be careful, and don’t try to eat him.