EG Expo: DICE demos Battlefield 3 – we’re live!

Thursday, 22 September 2011 12:45 GMT By Johnny Cullen

If you had to pick one game that will rule the roost at Eurogamer Expo, only one name springs to mind: Battlefield 3. And trust us when we say this, it will be the biggest game at the show.

The game’s playable here on the showfloor, but DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson will be giving a public developer’s session for the shooter at 1pm BST.

What will be demoed, we don’t know, but we’re going to take a wild guess and say it’ll be the newly-unveiled Operation Guillotine. If you’re at the show, watch this. Then play it. This is one not to be missed ahead of October 28.

Otherwise, if you’re not here, get updates below.