Army Corps of Hell: Meet Pikmin’s evil twin

Thursday, 22 September 2011 04:49 GMT By Jessica Citizen

Nintendo has Pikmin, it looks like maybe Sony has Army Corps of Hell. Bear with me on this. It’s a new game, just announced from Square Enix, and it’s headed straight to Vita as a launch title. And it’s more than a little bizarre.

Game Set Watch writes that the game flew under “many people’s radar” amid all the big reveals at Tokyo Game Show, but now that the uncensored version of the trailer’s hit the net, people are suddenly paying a lot more attention.

So – yes, there are plenty of similarities to Pikmin, on the surface at least. You control a little creature army and command them to do various things. However, the differences are also pretty obvious – you’re a demon, you’re in a hellish landscape, and the little minions are somewhat hideous.

If you’re into something a little bit different, or if you’re just sick of the cutesy titles other publishers are releasing, you should probably keep an eye on Army Corps of Hell, if only to see how bizarre it really does end up.