Crytek developers “very happy” with HD Wii U

Monday, 19th September 2011 04:53 GMT By Jessica Citizen

The success of Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U really hinges on how many third-party developers jump in bed with the new console. At this stage, it looks like you can consider Crytek already lining up for the fan-club, with developers reportedly “very happy” with what the hardware can do.

Even though the Crysis developer hasn’t yet announced any plans for projects involving the new machine, company founder Avni Yerli gushed about what it was capable of, in a recent interview with GamesIndustry.

“Our guys in Nottingham they are very happy with their tests on the dev kits and they’re excited about it,” he says, also explaining that the new hardware provides a “challenge” for designers. “Once thought through it can add value, and that’s what ultimately important.”

I wouldn’t go jumping to the conclusion that this means Crysis 3 will be definitely arrive on the Wii U – but when a developer like Crytek’s behind your brand, you’re probably doing something right.



  1. Lounds

    TimeSplitters PLEASE!!!

    My friends Husband works at the Nottingham Studio, I need to get intel lol.

    #1 3 years ago

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