EA: BF3 360 to span two discs, DLC planned post launch

Tuesday, 13th September 2011 15:50 GMT By Staff

EA has confirmed Battlefield 3 will indeed span two discs on Xbox 360, and has explained to Eurogamer what each disc will include.

Double discs

According to an EA spokesperson speaking with Eurogamer, disc one will feature the “stunning multiplayer, co-op levels and HD installation content,” while disc two will feature the “the superb single-player campaign.”

The PS3 version of Battlefield 3 will come on one Blu-ray disc, as the capacity is much larger than Xbox 360′s DVD format.

Earlier today, Japanese blog Hachimaki posted the news that Battlefield 3 would cover two discs and Xbox 360, and the site carried a photo of a Japanese promo poster, showing the two-disc format.

Post release DLC

DICE GM Karl Magnus Troedsson has also confirmed the obvious on Twitter, stating that Battlefield 3 would receive paid, post release DLC, other than the Back to Karkland map pack which comes free with pre-orders.

According to the tweet: “Yes, there will be PDLC post launch. We’ve announced the Back To Karkand pack but there will be more to come.”

Battlefield 3 releases on October 25 in the US and October 28 in the UK for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

[Original story by Johnny Cullen]



  1. Quiiick

    It’s probably a split between single-player and multi-player on the two DVD-disk for XB360.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. tenthousandgothsonacid

    “It’s unknown how disc-swapping would work in the shooter”

    Call me mad, but maybe one for SP and one for MP ?

    #2 3 years ago
  3. tenthousandgothsonacid


    #3 3 years ago
  4. Tech-N9ne

    Well this is no biggie, I’m sure I will not be swapping disks in the middle of a multiplayer session. Nothing will ever convince me to use my PS3 for any cross platform multiplayer gaming just PS3 exclusives. PSN just sucks.

    EDIT: BTW never knew Japanese folk played FPSs good to see. :)

    #4 3 years ago
  5. Ireland Michael

    As everyone has said, one disc for single player and the other for multiplayer.

    It’s not like I’ll need the singleplayer disc anyway. Heck, gimme the game for half price with just the multiplayer content and I’d lap that up in a instant.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. Gekidami

    If the second disc is only for MP its going to be a bit on the empty side. I’m pretty sure its confirmed the game will only have 9 maps, and on console they’re smaller than the PC maps.

    But anyway, what happened to all of those people who used to say there was no space difference between DVD & Bluray?

    #6 3 years ago


    TWO DISCS!!???


    #7 3 years ago
  8. StolenGlory


    I lol’d.

    In all seriousness though, it’s not that bad I don’t think :)

    #8 3 years ago


    I don’t mind two dics if the game is ‘All that‘… Unless one of them is a compressed 25GB install or something!

    I would mind if they said they were releasing it on cassette with a 28 minute load time, though.

    #9 3 years ago
  10. OrbitMonkey

    @4 Wow your extensive knowledge of only playing 360 multiplayer has convinced me PSN sucks, please feel free to let us know of your opinion on other subjects you have no relevant experience on.*enlightening*

    #10 3 years ago
  11. Ireland Michael

    @10 I completely agree with @4. The PS3 is a great format, and home to some of my favourite games of this generation… but PSN is just fucking terrible.

    Excluding the lack of party chat (the sole reason I play multiplayer on 360), the interface is dull, the menus are unintuitive, and I consistently find games to be laggier and played by less people on the format.

    #11 3 years ago
  12. HeavyD-Love

    Odd how this title is two discs and SKYRIM will only be one.

    @5….oh that would make sense. Didn’t they confirm single player 30FPS, multiplayer 60FPS?

    #12 3 years ago
  13. Ireland Michael

    @12 Because data isn’t as simplistic as “bigger area equals more disk space”? Sound files. Texture resolutions. FMVs. Any number of facts can jump a game from 3GBs to 10GB or more.

    The Bethesda games may be pretty large, but they reuse data assets all over the place. They probably compress the shit out of it too. It’s not rocket science.

    #13 3 years ago
  14. TD_Monstrous69

    This doesn’t really shock me all that much, though I kinda thought it to be unlikely. Just cause on how EA operates when making multi-platformed games.

    #14 3 years ago
  15. Maximum Payne

    @12 Doom 4 will have 30 frames in SP and 60 frames in MP.

    #15 3 years ago
  16. DrDamn

    Would love to be able to buy MP elements separate from SP – and vice versa – for quite a few titles. Though I did really enjoy SP in BF:BC1. I suspect the SP in this will be even more CoD than the last one though.

    Same here, MP titles I will almost always go 360 purely for chat/party features. Though I disagree regarding interface. I like the XMB on PS3. It is very easy to get to what I want and start it up, the Xbox Dash is a mess of advertising and maze like in design. It has got fantastic functionality, just rubbish to use for the most part.

    #16 3 years ago
  17. Gekidami

    PSN ≠ XMB.

    #17 3 years ago
  18. Ireland Michael

    @17 Obviously we’re talking about the portions of the XMB that are part of PSN… like the god awful friends list, for instance.

    #18 3 years ago
  19. Gekidami

    Its a list that shows your friends, you move onto the tab and boom; Your friends are listed. What do you want? A movie to play every time you move on it?

    Seems your pathetically nitpicking on irrelevant things.

    #19 3 years ago
  20. Ireland Michael

    @19 One that doesn’t take forever just to propagate the list of people, for one.

    It’s ugly, and it’s slow It’s the only message system I’ve ever seen where they have to individually load every single contact in such a sloooooow, drawn out fashion.

    #20 3 years ago
  21. OrbitMonkey

    @11, i’ll agree that party/chat features for Live are good, but like DrDamn I hate the new 360 dash… It’s so fucking cluttered, imo. I really liked the blades, but MS just don’t seem to appreciate simple aesthetic design. I think this sums them up.

    For the record I don’t have any trouble with the ps3 dash or the store, I mean how hard can you be looking, if you can’t find “latest” & “new this week”?

    #21 3 years ago
  22. Ireland Michael

    @21 Not everything I want to play is from the last week.

    And I for one find the XMB far simpler and intuitive to navigate, especially with so many things being mapped to shortcut button presses.

    #22 3 years ago
  23. Christopher Jack

    I reckon the dualshock 4 needs a dedicated social button which takes you to a social hub while you’re in the game, still need the home button though (in my opinion). Need a friends section, notification section (that has it’s own messages, invites & miscellaneous sub-sections)& most importantly, a party section.

    #23 3 years ago
  24. OlderGamer

    All the Dualshock 4 really needs is to move the left anolog stick up a couple of inches. And maybe some better(then DS3) triggers.

    #24 3 years ago
  25. Ireland Michael

    @24 The Dualshock 3 needs a complete redesign. It’s goddamn archaic.

    The analogue sticks are loose and cheap feeling, the triggers are absolutely horrible, and the hand grips are poorly designed and seriously need to be resized.

    About the only thing the PS3 controller gets right is the D-Pad, but D-Pads haven’t been relevant as main controls in over a decade, so it’s a rather meaningless “victory” in that regard.

    #25 3 years ago
  26. OlderGamer

    I agree 100% Michael.

    But personialy I use a thrid party PS3 pad, one that has a XB360 type layout – for me the placment of the thumb sticks on a pad is a big deal. Sony pads are too close together.

    #26 3 years ago

    I want one of these

    #27 3 years ago
  28. M. K.

    Which do you have OlderGamer? Do you mean the one from Saitek? I also can’t stand the PS3 controller :(

    #28 3 years ago
  29. lexph3re

    I think DS is fine the way it is. I don’t think it needs to mock the competition at all because at the end of the day it is the consoles signature controller. I think if you like a controller best on a different console then just buy you’re favorite 3rd party that emulates it and leave it at that. I know a majority of ps3 players don’t like their analogs above the dpad or higher up. And as a fighting game enthusiast that prefers the d-pad over arcade or 6-button that victory is more then hollow. It being archaic is completely obsolete when it get’s the Job down. And, if you’re performance is better with something else that’s where it’s you’re responsibility to get an alternative.

    #29 3 years ago
  30. OrbitMonkey

    I’ve yet to play a 3rd party pad half as good as the official Dualshock. Gotta lol at #25 & #26, so its archaic? And what the 360 pad is a revolution in design? Riiiiiggght ;)

    Last I checked this was a B3 thread, not a “my pudgy western fingers can’t use the evil Dualshock, I needs the ergonomically designed 360 pad” thread.

    P.s. The triggers on the dualshock are shit though :)

    #30 3 years ago
  31. Ireland Michael

    @30 Actually, no, the Dreamcast controller was a revolution in design. The 360 controller generously borrowed it. Still doesn’t stop it from being better than the DS3.

    Personally, if I had to pick the best controller out of every console I’ve ever played, it would have to be the Controller S for the original Xbox. Just move the black and white buttons to the triggers at the top, and it would have been perfect.

    #31 3 years ago
  32. daytripper

    find the xmb more suited to a blu ray player than a online gaming console

    #32 3 years ago
  33. lexph3re

    well atleast you kno what controller is perfect for YOU. because the dreamcast controller was far from perfect and honestly i’ve noticed most dreamcast fans cling to 360 controller for the simple fact it emulates your favorite.

    #33 3 years ago
  34. Unlimax

    Yo Xbox Players are not support Creativity !

    #34 3 years ago
  35. OrbitMonkey

    Bullshit, the best control pad EVER!! Was the N64 pad, Ocarina just isn’t the same without one :(

    #35 3 years ago
  36. daytripper

    i liked the gamecube pad :-D

    #36 3 years ago
  37. Lounds

    How about that STEAM is better than XBL & PSN put together, argument over.

    #37 3 years ago
  38. daytripper

    @37 i dont pc game so it doesn’t bother me

    #38 3 years ago
  39. Lounds

    @38 XBL is better than PSN for MP, PSN is a bit of a ball ache, but Uncharted 3 beta was epic!

    #39 3 years ago
  40. OrbitMonkey

    Origin kicks STEAMS ass & the sooner crybaby pc nerds accept this, the better the world will be *trololololol*

    #40 3 years ago
  41. Fin


    #41 3 years ago
  42. HeavyD-Love

    @13….as usual your reply drips with unnecessary arrogance.

    #42 3 years ago
  43. Erthazus

    PSN is indeed terrible. Especially after that hack situation. I hope that Sony will improve it next generation. They seriously need to do it if they want to stay competitive. Microsoft on the other hand does an ok job with it. At least everything is working and intuitive.

    But i will play Battlefield 3 on PC anyway. Playing BF3 on 360 or PS3 is just like not playing at all.

    #43 3 years ago
  44. lexph3re

    @Erthazus Yes because we all know being exploited for infinite funds isn’t a hack or compromise of a network or it’s security right? They sure do have their ish together.. detect the sarcasm? Neither PSN or XBL has been flawless this gen from their hacks from Xbl’s gold hacks,point hacks,obscene phishing schemes, and mass bans on hacked consoles. They have been the POSTER boy this gen for network integrity -_-. Psn hasn’t been perfect but atleast their biggest issue was the overly hyped intrusion that still hasn’t spawned a real claim of theft since it happened. You guy’s just don’t know what the hell you’re talking about when it comes to network security

    #44 3 years ago
  45. DaMan

    Fyi Live has never ever been hacked, MS bans j-tagged 360s by detecting modified consoles via their network.

    #45 3 years ago
  46. lexph3re

    FYI when you have things like MS point exploits it requires hacking. Same as randomly generated codes for Gold memberships. So yes that is a hack and a compromise.

    #46 3 years ago
  47. DaMan

    Actually, that’s what people call red herring, and a fabricated one at that.

    That isn’t even remotely true. Noone had any kind of any access to a deeper level of Live in order to get those points. You don’t see iTunes down regardless of all the jailbroken iPhones either. Get over it, srsly.

    #47 3 years ago
  48. NiceFellow

    Hell not the whole Live vs PSN rubbish again?

    Live is the better service but it is simply not night and day. Cross game chat and better party support make the difference for Live but in game the experience is the same. Any difference in activity or laggyness is purely personal or regional as neither Live nor PSN is universally dominant across all regions.

    The interface is a matter of preference overall except Live does have better “pop up” interface accessed from games, etc. vs PSN slow load of XMB in background. For example I overall prefer XMB to my 360 dash as the 360 dash is overloaded with advertising and pushing stuff. TBH on my 360 I try and avoid the main dash and always use the pop up.

    Just love how some people argue two services which are at least 85% the same in experience in terms of actually playing online are miles apart.

    For sure early on PSN was indeed poor but it has long since matched Live for online play and experience apart from cross party chat and better integration to friends – which is definitely a plus for Live and makes it for sure better overall but hardly nullifies the fact that when playing online 99% of the time I can tell zero difference between the two.

    #48 3 years ago
  49. lexph3re

    “Seriously” in the IT field, its called hacking. There is nothing to “get over” when a network is taking down is no different then randomly banning people. Although we never want to get to the point of having to take a network down. If it is necessary then it has to be done. And, that is something YOU would have to get over seriously.

    To Nicefellow, it does you little justice to claim things are an opinion then say it’s a fact. Then claim once again it’s an opinion. As things go the fact is that one side like’s the XMB and another side likes the X-Chat but it has had only a SMALL impact on what people overall buy the systems for. The networks for both consoles get the Job done VERY well but to have the false illusion that one is superior then the other would just be idiotic.

    As I stated before both of them have a grocery list full of problems. And, no matter what people state about the two opposing networks in the superiority factor it is all merely OPINION.

    #49 3 years ago
  50. DaMan

    No, it’s called phishing.

    You’re twisting and spinning statements, so clearly IT isn’t what you’re into. Noone on Live has ever been randomly banned, the only individuals that were are owners of j-tags and those who chose to buy crapton of points for a penny.

    As I said, Live has never ever had even remotely the same kind of pathetic issues as PSN. Get over that.

    #50 3 years ago
  51. nofear360

    So long as it’s stunning and superb, fine by me.

    Edit: Forgot stunning, my bad.

    #51 3 years ago
  52. Fin

    I’d prefer fabulous.

    #52 3 years ago
  53. DaMan

    Nah, unfrigginbelievable.

    #53 3 years ago
  54. daytripper

    right so battlefield 3 on two discs for xbox 360…big major issue here guys, who’s furious about it?

    #54 3 years ago
  55. nofear360

    #54: I’m losing my shit, as we speak.

    #55 3 years ago
  56. daytripper

    @55 smashed anything up yet? i’ve just threw the boss’ pencil sharpner at the meeting room door.

    #56 3 years ago
  57. lexph3re

    Uhh phishing is a form of hacking daman. It is a low level form of it but still hacking. It goes off the principle of instead of doing X amount of work how about I just try asking. So, no I’m not confused or mistaken when it comes to hacking and ALL the level’s of it. And, you show incompetence for the IT and CNS field if at anytime you feel that one persons failures are better then the next. Failure is a unavoidable aspect of any network. Their is always a hole and their is always a work around. So, to say that MS doesn’t compare to Sonys flop goes to show you don’t know ish about MS but how much of a fan you are for them.

    And yes MS have given out randabans. You forget about the little kid who was banned for specualation? and his mother went on a rampage? or how about the guy the banned because his City’s name sounded like a sexual reference and they failed to look into it? You are severely delussional if you truely think MS is the poster child for security and they have NEVER had their ish together for OS or security since they released.

    So again you just clearly don’t know anything about CNS other then what you think is competent and what isn’t.

    #57 3 years ago
  58. LOLshock94

    i might aswell just sell the campaign disc as DICE are the worst developers in the world when it comes to making a campaign

    #58 3 years ago
  59. nofear360

    @ 57: Yeah, my right hand. My desk was sturdier than I thought :/

    #59 3 years ago
  60. DaMan

    What ‘re you on about, does it matter how you personally call it? Point being, it is uncomparable. And no it isn’t hacking, since you don’t get any unusual or deeper level access. It’s akin to social engineering. So yes you’re confused and mistaken.

    Here’s the thing:

    I couldn’t care less if you feel it necessary to defend your effin $599 purchase. And I couldn’t care less if you think Sony ‘re doing everything the proper way or not. Notice how it’s you appearing here, I was just pointing out your irrelevant comments. What I was referring to is your asinine, completely nonsensical comparisons. And your sad agenda to defend the Sony by using stuff like LGBT bans (lol, seriously, the definition of straw man argument).


    That’s like saying in one village they’ve had all of the houses burned down due to forest fire, and in another they’ve had only one. And that they ‘re both equal and I don’t know anything about how dangerous forest fires are.

    .. !

    … You’r transparent.

    Now on the other hand, if you would say that no network is completely immune to hacking that would be true. But you posts are sad defensive nonsensical attacks at another corporation which similarly makes money off selling you electronics.

    And besides, no single network is immune to stuff like phishing and using social engineering on customer support, and the such. At all. On the other hand, PSN disastrous downtime only happened to them, and not Live in this case. So yes indeed that makes Live better. People try and hack it all the time, and people ‘ve jailbroken iPhones ages ago. But nothing sort of turning the console into a dev kit with access to closed network happened. So nobody had to shut down anything.

    Those weren’t accidental either, their ToS clearly say that you do not post any sort of info about sexual orientation. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic.

    So again, do try harder. Or better yet, get over it.

    Oh, and please stop bringing up things I never said like MS being great at security. Windows is a piece of tripe. WP7 phones are atrocious. And Direct3D and Xbox are well done. Besides practically all of the problems with their OS are due to it being a crappy graphical extension of DOS from the start, Xbox was built from scratch. I’m not the one using a PC.

    #60 3 years ago
  61. lexph3re

    *breathes deeply because he just lost all of his response* ok im going to summarize what I originally typed. You clearly don’t know anything about network protocol or procedures so in that respite its like yelling at a donkey to speak english. Second, you also don’t get where my so called irrelevant comment spawned from because more then 70% of this article is speaking on the xbl and psn comparison so you show how irrelavent your assumption was to my comment. Thirdly, you also don’t know how much I spent or how I obtained WHATEVER device(s) I own so your attempt to move me into a fanboy driven rant is irrelevant when clearly your response to my original thread was because of your affinity for XBL. And, lastly my comments we’re examples towards YOUr nonsenical rant’s towards the purity of one networking medium over the other. So no I was never defending Sony to begin with but to point out the lack of networking knowledge over 80% of gamers lack when they make dumb comparisons to PSN and XBL networks

    #61 3 years ago
  62. DaMan


    I know very little about the forest fire either. I do however know, that when you hire two people, and one does a better job, the other gets fired. That’s how stuff works.

    For someone who was pointing out so called network knowledge, you ‘ve posted very little on topic. So clearly it’s the opposite, you have very little knowledge of it indeed.

    My statements were in response to very similarly made assumptions by the opposite side (including the ‘MS fan’ part). I know very well where your post spawned from, like I said it’s purely the silly comparisons that I was talking about.

    Again, I said nothing about the ‘purity’, that’s another fabrication, I pointed out the uncomparable cons.

    Oh, and just to clarify, using sniffers and trojan horses to obtain data is hardly phishing, at least in the form it was referenced here. And yet again, it doesn’t make things any different.

    #62 3 years ago
  63. lexph3re

    only fail is my jobs annoying internet that refreshed to the mainsites page. And actually my comments had more weight and relavence then your supposed “savior” approach. And, unfortunately for you again what you don’t get is what a IT’s Job IS and what his task ARE in his position. You also don’t know that 1 person doing a “better” job at one thing does not equal the other getting fired unless you work at a mc donalds. In networking NO ONE can truely deliver a better service then the other because each one full fill their respective roles. And, again in computer networking or networking of any kind your Cons are uncompareable a fail is a fail and all you can do is avoid THAT failure from happening again. Now if Sony falls for the same exploit again THEN they are a major Fail

    #63 3 years ago
  64. DaMan

    No, quite the opposite. your comments show complete and utter zealotry and a sly one at that. Actually, as a kid I never knew there will be adults that caring about a thing they ‘re supposed to play videogames on.

    So on-topic, I don’t know, perhaps reading comprehension isn’t your thing indeed, but again like I said I wasn’t commenting on Sony itself, it’s the unfair and fabricated comparison of things which were pointed out.

    Err, I was hoping that was enough to get the point across, but I’ll clarify: you have two artists. They both qualify for the position. But one does it better than another, unless you need a secondary one the other guy is unnecessary. Ironically, at McDonalds you need many people doing the same thing.

    It would be hard to sound even more asinine right now, but sure thing you could try. Btw, I question the motives of your rants.. Do they pay you for converting people online? It doesn’t work, anyone who will make a decision based on your post will change it by the time a manager at the store tells him the opposite.

    Caps lock, or not, people usually exercise common sense and don’t buy inferior things. Be it a console, a firewall, an anti virus, or an OS.

    What you said is frankly idiotic, cons are very much important and customers’ choice depends on who makes a better one. Pentagon would hardly hire a guy whose experience was monitoring a gaming network.

    #64 3 years ago
  65. Christopher Jack

    Wooo, squabbling!!! Can I join in? Since it’s already completely off topic, can I point out the fact that Nintendo’s network was also hacked in a similar fashion to Sony’s but nobody made a deal about it? Seriously, is the entire world a hypocrite? Apparently Sony is comparable to the Umbrella corporation & Nintendo are somehow the friendly local corner shop in so many eyes.

    #65 3 years ago
  66. lexph3re

    Ok clearly you are the one with comprehension issue’s if at anytime you got a sence of zealotry from my comments. Especially since I sat out to debunk the illusion that one networks superiority was given credit to another for a shortcoming. And, if that we’re the case then Sony would be the saviours of networking from MS’s long list of dirt. But, that wasn’t the case. I do applaud then for being able to derail the convo of a derailed topic. Excellent on you for that one but the only “asinine” person would be you.

    You speak on the consumer purchasing product’s based off of pros and cons when majority of the people who purchase consoles don’t even know how to truely operate or what the console/systems capabilities are. If people we’re intellegent enough to use as you would say “common sense” then one of the most common errors corrected in trouble shooting wouldn’t be answered with the question “Is it plugged in?”. And, clearly again people DO buy inferior things this Gen and last gen has been the posterboy of inferior product placement of consoles and devices.

    This has nothing to do with who pays me, hires me, or who I “convert” it is merely about adjusting the misconceived notions that people carry toward technology as if they had invented it themselves. And, I think it would be you who does not know how to correctly structure and deliver your topic and or opinion. I on the other hand have comprehended your comments and as I said before this is like talking to a donkey and telling him to speak english. It isn’t going to happen.

    #66 3 years ago
  67. DaMan

    I’ll point out which paragraphs I’m referring to, ’cause it’s obviously too hard for you.

    First paragraph:
    I get a sense of ‘zealotry’ from anyone whose sole purpose on a website is to rant about his device, and use hyperbolic out of line examples to justify the agenda. I take it the concept of ‘bullshit’ let alone ‘red herring’ is way too much for you?

    Second one:
    If you would be able to follow the conversation, then you would notice that I was referring to your (again) idiotic notion of all securities being ultimately equal. Way to derail it even further.

    Third one:
    I posted zero opinions actually, but instead pointed out that comparing the incorrigible bannage of j-tag thieves from Xbl to a full blown disaster is at the very least, misleading. Clearly you haven’t comprehended anything, since you wasted three walls of text on even more irrelevant things and the best thing you came up with was ‘no security is better’. Which is the most silly thing to eevr grace these comment sections.

    Buddy, you waste way too much space on defending yourself, besides not with your skills and understanding of the topic should one try and adjust internet masses, who most likely skip through your angsty walls of blah blah blah.

    Your posts ‘re becoming more and more inane and personally defensive.

    Only ass (you know, the synonym of donkey) here is you. Albeit a talking one.


    Bottom line: lgbt ban =/= network being taken down ;) Very much structured and delivered several posts back.

    #67 3 years ago
  68. lexph3re

    Ok here’s something to point out to you.

    First paragraph:
    In what manner have I stated any allegiance or dominance of any device of my choice? This is a prime example of you not being able to comprehend or you just not reading. Because, Never ONCE have I elevated either or any console. So Zealotry my ass.

    Second paragraph:
    Um the notion is only idiotic to those who are on the outside looking in i.e YOU. All securities are equally capable of being penetrated and not only Xbl/PSN/Wii and several credit card companies along with Google have proved this. You clearly have overlooked these other SERIOUSLY major breaches then just psn and xbl.

    Third one:
    But you have only pointed out opinions. This so called disaster on psn what was the real problem? The unreported claims of identity theft or the fact that it was down for a month in a half doing a analysis and rebuild? I think it maybe the second one since there has been no real reports of fraud. So, the disaster that you claim isn’t a huge disaster as you make it out to be. And, clearly I haven’t since you are merely posting to get the last word/post in the article. In all actuality it shows how WAIT FOR IT JACKASS(you know the donkey reference) you are to the topic.

    You may have felt it was a waste of space but I don’t it helped me waste a lot of time at work to show how idiotic as you would say you’re approach has been to this discussion. The bottom line is: That you are a jackass fantard with a pin the live tail stuck on your face where it should be on your ass. And, I guess over saturation of a network causing it to crash isn’t a negative you know since it just means we have a lot of people a derp derp

    #68 3 years ago
  69. DaMan

    First one:
    Excuse my attitude, but when all a person does here is arguing about their machine, and shows deep passion for defending (or as you see it, correcting) instead of discussing, you know, what you’re supposed to buy that thing in the first place for.. I name that accordingly.Any sane person would say that Sony ‘ve fucked up, same as MS ‘ve fucked up with the rrod, and that let’s just hope they learned their lesson, not try and spin everything.

    As I said, this is a twisted, silly version of the statement “no network is completely secure’.

    I was saying how it’s out of line to put minor threats alongside bigger ones. Was it a disaster or not to you personally is another topic. And besides the unencrypted personal info was acknowledged by Sony.

    Last word, jackass? Dude, usually when people say something to me I take it they want a reply.

    Surely if I were that I’d keep on deepthroating as you do, instead of calling them arseholes for Gold subscription. I also reckon I’d be the one yelling at people who criticize every single exclusive. I happen to dislike all of them bar one, or two perhaps (retail releases that is). You, on the other hand, once went as far as to state that Quantum Theory is good, just after dismissing Gears, I for one have the idea that I should choose the stuff I want to play, not my box of wires. In fact, I’m yet to see you saying something negative about them at all.. lmao! I’d say the bottom line is that out of us two, only tard, and a fan one around these parts isn’t me.

    #69 3 years ago
  70. Ireland Michael

    “”Seriously” in the IT field, its called hacking.”

    “Seriously”, you have have absolutely no fucking idea what you’re talking about in the slightest, and I have a degree in network engineering to comfortably back up my certainty on that fact.

    Hacking, by the definition it has held for decades, is the process of figuring out how to alter and manipulate anything that is programmable – such as coding in a game or the software running a server – to make it do something beyond its original purpose, either good or bad.

    The Xbox Live Point and Gold fiascos were not hacking, and this is why – the people involved never gained any access to Xbox Live’s system. They simply figured out the algorithm used to generate those codes, and created a program that could do so automatically.

    Nothing on Microsoft’s server side was ever touched though, so there was no “hacking” involved in the process.

    Phishing is the act of faking one’s identity in an attempt to get your hands on sensitive details and information. If a user gives out their information voluntarily, they are the ones to blame. But again, there has been no “hacking” involved, because no coding has been manipulated with or altered on Microsoft’s side.

    Phishing is not hacking, because. It does not require any alteration or manipulating of coding to access. It isn’t even “low level hacking”, because again, no coding iis being manipulated.

    Phishing is social engineering. Its about manipulating people, not code.

    Of course, one is always capable of hacking their own machine, but Microsoft instantly bans anyone who they manage to detect doing so, as is their right to do so. But again, Microsoft themselves have not been hacked.

    Numerous individuals gained access to development sources on the PlayStation Network by hacking their machine to appear like they were legitimately allowed to access this information. They broke through the security of the system by manipulating flaws in how it was designed, and succeeded in stealing sensitive, private user information as a result.

    #70 3 years ago
  71. lexph3re

    Sorry Ireland but I don’t believe anything about your personal life. Since I’ve been here you’ve been gay, engaged, a fitness buff, and now have a degree in networking. So yeah I don’t believe ish you have to say. And, as for the fill in the blanks about Sonys hack. All Sony ever said is they might have a list they might not. They don’t have a way to confirm it. Every other person in the world has been either They F’d up or they are saint. Personally, Im in the backseat just like everyone else and what I see is NONE OF US KNOW ISH BUT THE FACT SONY WAS DOWN FOR 2mnths.

    As for daman. no need to go into super detail. Dude you are showing that you have more of a personal problem with me then you do with my statements. Me claiming Quantum theory was better then what the reviewers claimed and gears doesn’t appeal to me doesn’t make me a fan it makes me have a opinion. QT was better then the reviews stated, does that make it a instant 8 or 10? No, it just means it was as trash as they claimed it was. Gears has never been a poster boy for perfection either. ESPECIALLY if your drained like me from playing unreal tournament 1-3. It’s just old. So, next time you want to call me a fantard when clearly you are the one you should think again.

    #71 3 years ago
  72. DaMan

    See, I reckon on the contrary you should think again, since the whole point is that at least I have something better to validate that namecalling, ‘dude’. Come to think of it, Unreal being the reason why you ‘re tired from a cover based RE4 inspired gameplay helps too. Keep beating the drum, dumbass.

    #72 3 years ago
  73. Phoenixblight

    “Sorry Ireland but I don’t believe anything about your personal life. Since I’ve been here you’ve been gay, engaged, a fitness buff, and now have a degree in networking. ”

    I laughed at this because all of these things are somehow mutually exclusive?

    Try harder next time in your argument.

    #73 3 years ago
  74. Ireland Michael

    @71 You can believe whatever the fuck you think about who I am, but regardless of what you believe, the facts would still prove you wrong.

    The simply, irrevocable fact is that you’re completely ignorant about the meaning of the word “hacking”, and it’s transparent to everyone in this thread that have no actual knowledge about the subject that you’re so passionately claiming you do.

    Anyone with the most basic, rudimentary understanding of IT knows that hacking and phishing are two completely different, completely unrelated things.

    Hacking is the process of manipulating code. Nothing more, nothing less. You don’t even need an education in any sort (such as… oh, I don’t know… how to secure a server from unwarranted access) of IT areas to understand this…. you could discover it through five minutes of basic research one.

    “Personally, Im in the backseat just like everyone else and what I see is NONE OF US KNOW ISH BUT THE FACT SONY WAS DOWN FOR 2mnths.”

    What are you even talking about in this instance? Sony personally admitted themselves that users’ personal information was compromised. There is nothing to be “on the back seat about.”

    Nobody has ever gained access to Xbox Live’s servers. This is a simple fact. If a user gives out their information willingly, that’s not hacking. It’s conning someone.

    I am going to bold this, in the hope that you might actually finally understand it. HACKING IS THE PROCESS OF MANIPULATING CODE TO MAKE IT DO WHAT YOU WANT! You’re using the term “hacking” in a very loose sense, completely disproportionate to what the word actually means, and you simply don’t want to admit it.

    “Since I’ve been here you’ve been gay, engaged, a fitness buff, and now have a degree in networking.”

    Don’t even try to tell me who I am and am not, asshole.

    - The gay thing was a joke.
    - I’m very happily married to a very beautiful woman, asshole. And I have the wedding band to prove it.
    - I’ve been heavily involved in serious fitness (for the sake of my own health as much as anything else) for the past two years. and I have the photos to prove that too. I only ever said I was a fitness buff though, which simply means I’m interested in it and understand it. I never said I was an expert.
    - I’ve held a degree in network engineering for well over 8 years. I don’t have a photograph of that on my computer (never had a digital camera back then), but I can definitely take one, just to prove you wrong. Again.

    #74 3 years ago
  75. lexph3re

    The overall mechanics is still like unreal ass! Try championship additions which all were 3rd person. And, yes unreal tournament is enough to burn me out on a game that employ dismemberments and fastpaced gunplay. Whoopdey doo they employed cover tactics That SOOOO makes me a dumbass.

    And yes they are mutually exclusive towards his character.And, how I don’t believe shit he say’s when everytime something comes up he’s instantly a expert. So, no there is no need to try harder. If you believe him good on you. I don’t it seems more like he say’s ish outta his ass then anything else.

    So Fail 1, Fail 2 and Fail 3.

    #75 3 years ago
  76. Ireland Michael

    DaMan: I think the saddest thing here is that this guy’s arguments are being completely ripped to pieces and yet he still thinks he’s winning.

    #76 3 years ago
  77. lexph3re

    Ok 1st off you working out for 2 years doesn’t make you a fucking fitness buff. Just mean you have been exercising. Also, Either a joke or not it still reflected about how you reflect upon the people you talk to. So either way you fail. Also, you having a degree in an 8year old program again doesn’t mean sh*t seeing how the field and curriculum has still been evolving. All it say’s is you have had a Job for 8 years but you don’t know what is being considered hacking anymore. Because, day one in my classes the first topic we discussed was malicious ware and hacking. And guess what they now consider phishing to be a low level of hacking. Still being HACKING so bold your life away buddy you come off wrong not me.

    And as I stated before in earlier comments the compromise they admitted to still hasn’t shown results of actual things being leaked or stolen. So, in the end it still proves to just be you me and everyone else in the backseat on what they did.

    You guy’s are so far up your own asses you can’t even see what has been stated or even talk in a dignified matter. So why the hell would I show you the same?

    #77 3 years ago
  78. DaMan

    Heh.. Yeah, except they’re nothing like it. Unreal is a fast paced, run and gun, where good aim decides everything. Gears is RE4+kill Switch. And you’re so tired that you made a thread about Resistance. NER NER NER. Oh, and for the record i think Gears is shit. Try harder.

    MoC, you really shouldn’t post pics like those, more so just to prove that thing wrong.

    #78 3 years ago
  79. lexph3re

    And uhh no nothing has been ripped apart besides the full blown stupidity you have been stating asswipe

    #79 3 years ago
  80. viralshag

    I love it when Ireland whips out the photos. That’s when you know shit’s going down.

    By the way, I was just clipping my nails and one of them literally flew about 3 meters across the room.

    #80 3 years ago
  81. Phoenixblight


    Yes because you clearly know him froma few words in text format some how all those things don’t work with his internet character. Your logic is full of fail.

    You could have said I don’t believe what anyone says on the internet and left it at that but you went on the defensive and started blabbering gibberish.

    And what Michael has said is common knowledge doesn’t even take a person with an IT degree to confirm this.

    #81 3 years ago
  82. triggerhappy

    3 meters? Thats impressive. I need to do mine actually. This is better than Eastenders. MORE PHOTOS PLEASE :D

    #82 3 years ago
  83. lexph3re

    Umm I started a thread on resistance 3′s beta to get feedback. When did that become a crime? Oh yeah I forget if it isn’t multiplatform it makes you a fanboy right? and I never suggested you we’re a fan of gears just that you were a fantard of xbox because how you passionately claimed I never have anything good to say about MS. So what am I suppose to try hard at?

    When it come’s to me drained on gears. Yes in the past 4 years I have not been in the mood for gears because it was the same ole same ole to me. Does that mean I can’t be refreshed at any point in time in between? Crazy how you could assume that a person has to be something forever. good job buddy.

    #83 3 years ago
  84. lexph3re

    @81 umm when you have been reading a persons “personal” opinions and debates for the last year. Umm yeah that does give you some insight on his character especially someone who’s open enough to post pictures to prove who he is on the internet. Yeah, if he’s a open book I think all that’s left is to read him. And, I find his book to be enough to say whatever he say’s will be taken with a grain of salt. So, No there is no fail there just on your part that you assume I haven’t gotten a clear view on how he opens himself to EVERYONE

    #84 3 years ago
  85. viralshag

    This argument is like Inception, I think we’re about four levels deep and I don’t have a clue what the fuck is going on.


    #85 3 years ago
  86. DaMan

    I was referring to how you say Gears is boring because you played Ut, yet was so interested in Resistance, which is undeniably closer. You misread, I said you have nothing bad to say about Sony, MS sucks balls. You do too however.

    Just fuck off already.

    #86 3 years ago
  87. Ireland Michael

    “Ok 1st off you working out for 2 years doesn’t make you a fucking fitness buff.”

    Is “buff” another word you completely fail to understand the meaning of? And I don’t mean “buff” as in big and musclely (I’m neither). I mean someone interested in something on a more than casual level.

    Here it is for you: “One who is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about a subject.”

    I’m interested in fitness beyond the simple act of losing weight. I like to learn about it, research it, find out what works and what doesn’t. Good eating habits, bad eating habits, good exercise routines, safe weight training. I follow the health foundation and their latest studies about diet and healthy eating.

    I’m as interested and involved in my own fitness and health as I am in video games. I know, a fitness concious gamer must be a mind-blowing concept for you to try and wrap your head around. Try not to have a heart attack.

    I think I know what my own hobbies are better than you do, thanks.

    “Also, you having a degree in an 8year old program again doesn’t mean sh*t seeing how the field and curriculum has still been evolving.”

    This would be a valid argument… if I hadn’t been regularly employed in the field. It still doesn’t change what the definition of the word hacking is.

    “And guess what they now consider phishing to be a low level of hacking.”

    No, “they” don’t. Unless they’re an idiot. But I’ve met a lot of teachers in my time who were, who teach completely inaccurate information as truths, when they’re not. So it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Never bring up my wife again either, asshole. I think most of us here can safely agree that you’re a piece of shit after that.

    “What Michael has said is common knowledge, doesn’t even take a person with an IT degree to confirm this.”

    ^ Eventually you might understand this.

    “MoC, you really shouldn’t post pics like those, more so just to prove that thing wrong.”

    I really don’t see why this bothers people so much. Just because someone is behind a computer screen doesn’t mean they should hide who they. They don’t show anything that someone who has known me five minutes doesn’t know. And I’ve been here… how long has it been now? Three, four years?

    He accused me of lying about being engaged. I simply used evidence to prove him wrong.

    #87 3 years ago
  88. lexph3re

    Ok what the fuck are you talking about you stupid fuck? No wonder TEA use to bash the shit outta you you are a pompous tard. For you to claim because you are in the field you are aware what the definition in networking security is and what they now are referring to as Hacking makes you well I guess the front man for ALL networking fields. You said don’t bring you’re wife up? WHEN THE FUCK DID I BRING HER UP? I made a reference to your ever changing stories and how you never stay consistent. So you rallying the consensus on me being a asshole amongst all my peers is just you trying to plant a useless fucking seed. And in turn I don’t give a shit what you or they think from that.

    and Eventually maybe the whole common knowledge clause would mean something if I were amongst a group of CNS peers and not a bunch of twats on the internet that think wiki and their vg247 buddy makes them right

    #88 3 years ago
  89. lexph3re

    And for daman You ARE GOING OFF OF WHAT I SAID LIKE 7 MONTHS AGO! Can I not be in the mood for something again? Oh wait me going to go buy Unreal tournament 3 soon also makes me a hypocrite right? Did I say I fucking hate Gears of war and I will never play it? No, In fact if you were really tail riding my every word you would know that I have played gears numerous time and each time it did bore me. Again, where in that is me say awful game? And again you clearly don’t know how I feel about Sony and IF you really were reading my earlier comments instead of you find a one sided con approach from my comment you would’ve been able to see that I downplayed ALL console’s from their shortcomings. Your interpretation of what I said IS NOT IN anyway what I actually said

    #89 3 years ago
  90. HeavyD-Love

    Damn it’s getting hot in here…… bout that Battlefield 3 on two discs eh…? I like their choice use of key words “stunning” and “superb” in the description announcement. Bravo

    #90 3 years ago
  91. viralshag

    @90, Nevermind that, dude. What’s more important is whether or not it’s too late to start a new cvi5 game…

    #91 3 years ago
  92. triggerhappy

    Damn it, im supposed to be playing Human Revolution RIGHT NOW. But I just can’t stop reading this shit.

    #92 3 years ago
  93. DaMan

    You’ve just said you aren’t interested in Gears, right there, today. That’s what I’ve been going off. No, making a thread about Resistance makes you one.

    I wasn’t tail riding, I just recall certain moments. It ‘s that you call people fantards when all you do in here is argue about that box of wires, pimping PS3 releases, downplaying 360 ones. My interpretation is right on, for someone who accuses others of having personal problems, you act way too defensive and personal. It would seem you’re a sad hypocrite in terms of having the last word as well, idiot.

    #93 3 years ago
  94. LOLshock94

    #94 3 years ago
  95. daytripper

    this is the most bizarre comment section i’ve read since theevilaires admitted he let spiders crawl on his scrotum in a umd movie free with psp game comment post.

    #95 3 years ago
  96. lexph3re

    What 360 releases have I been downplaying? Please enlighten me. It couldn’t be me your talking about because I actually want a couple of their exclusives. And I generally steer away from commenting on articles that have no interest to me so YOU REALLY CAN’T BE TALKING about me. And So the fuck what? I like some ps3 exclusives it’s not because Sony makes them but because the games they actually appeal to me. So NO it isn’t the “box” of wires that get’s my dick hard it’s always been the games otherwise I wouldn’t bother fucking having a collection nimrod. And, yes I did just say it doesn’t interest me WHAT OF IT? it doesn’t interest you either you see me saying your a sony fan bot? No. I talked about a BETA you know the thing you test out get a feel for hell I was going to start a discussion on here about the ACR beta but the interest in it was obvious from the 0 responses on every article that this site has posted. Does that make me a poster boy for Sony too? Go Fuck yourself you’ve been a cunt as much as other’s since I even started commenting on this site.

    #96 3 years ago
  97. viralshag

    I’m fishing in Orgrimmar with my level 7 hunter troll, Kaltroll, and his pet raptor Bobtroll.

    #97 3 years ago
  98. DaMan

    Each one. You never discuss games, you discuss that piece if crap which plays them.

    Just out of interest, do you think I’ll change my view on you, or anyone here for that matter? Yes let’s argue who’s the fantard and who isn’t for three pages now.

    Oi, piss off already.

    #98 3 years ago
  99. Ireland Michael

    DaMan, you and lex would make a worthy successor to TEA and I.

    I think you can probably guess who would be who.

    #99 3 years ago
  100. lexph3re

    Dude your telling me to piss off but look who is derailing every fucking time! you’ve gone from networking, to my character, to my taste. And it’s funny because the few articles you’ve probably read of mine were towards a fantard that came in spitting bullshit. So, yeah you probably have heard most of my arguement’s/discussion centered around people blindly stating an opinion as fact. But, Wait that couldn’t be the case if in this thread it was network integrity I was speaking on! Never a whimper at the dual disc the 360 will be rocking and the single disc the ps3 will have. Yeah not FUCKING ONCE you stupid cunt. Fantard my ass, when I discuss games I talk about the fucking games more then I ever talk about the fucking console.

    P.s I don’t give a shit how you view me. At the end of the day your still going to have the false illusion that i’m a raging fantard. OH, Wait that’s what anyone who has a opinion on this site is label as if they don’t speak HIGHLY of every game fucking made this Gen. So you can piss off _______<—- use ure fucking imagination

    #100 3 years ago
  101. lexph3re

    Go suck his dick while looking at a picture of your self in a PM how’s that for TEA level for you, you cunt

    #101 3 years ago
  102. DaMan

    I always thought that one was winding you up though, MoC. Anyway, true that, I’ll leave that thing to it’s hypocritical repetitive retardation of a last word :)

    #102 3 years ago
  103. OlderGamer

    Ok so I am a bit late on the thread. And I did read through, but keep coming back to one simple notion:

    The game is on 2 Discs…who cares?

    I just don’t see the big deal, like at all. I have a few games that span multi game discs. Wasn’t a big deal. Be it Saturn game across four CDs(Panzer Dragoon Saga – and yes it was epic – to Halo with a campaign disc and a multiplayer disc.

    So it takes a couple discs. Big deal.

    Stop nitpicking(it makes ya look like a fool) and just enjoy the game.

    #103 3 years ago
  104. daytripper

    the only time i see it becoming a issue is when the costs for the developer to do it becomes a major sting. i have to swap blu ray discs to watch tv shows like dexter or documentaries like planet earth, does not bother me in the slightest. what happens next gen if we have to swap blu ray gaming discs?

    #104 3 years ago
  105. viralshag

    FFVIII was four discs wasn’t it? That’s still one my favourite games and I didn’t care about disc swapping. In fact, I loved it, it gave me a sense of progression.

    Although the digital copy on my PS3 ain’t bad either. ;)

    #105 3 years ago
  106. Ireland Michael

    @103 I for one don’t even care about the single player disc. It’ll probably never be put in my system.

    #106 3 years ago

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