Synchronicity: Ten minutes of Dragon Quest X footage

Wednesday, 7th September 2011 07:39 GMT By Nathan Grayson

Do you ache to see more of Dragon Quest X? Do the very fibers of your being vibrate with longing for Square Enix’s next slime-soaked opus? Well, we’re sorry. This is going to be a really uncomfortable wait for you. But hey, here’s something to sort of ease the pain: ten minutes of gameplay footage from the recent press conference. Word of warning: the video’s grainier than a sand sandwich, so you may want to squint a little. Still though, it’s significantly better than nothing and even demonstrates what appears to be a bit of the crafting system. Check out the full thing after the break. Thanks, CVG.



  1. Hunam

    This looks stunningly terrible. It’s like they learned nothing about MMO’s and keep pumping out the same terrible excuse for a game over and over.

    #1 3 years ago

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