New PSP SKU aimed at “teens and much younger”

Tuesday, 6th September 2011 18:43 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

SCEE’s Jim Ryan has said the budget PSP mode unveiled at gamescom last month is aimed directly at the younger market.

Speaking with MCV, Ryan said the £89 price-point will help “lift off” sales of the device, and with the exclusion of wi-fi, Sony was easily able to lower the price of the handheld.

“You will see the audience skew younger,” he said. “At €99/£89 it will make a great Christmas gift. If we are going to take PSP very young – teens and much younger – they are happy to just play the game. If taking wi-fi out is the price to pay, we’re happy to.

“The €89 price tag is a real barrier that we’ve got under which will help us lift off.”

Thanks, Eurogamer.



  1. Razor

    This is dumbfounding.

    Surely teens want iPhones, not a wireless (literally) device? And how young is he expecting? Parents aren’t going to buy a kid too young to understand gaming a PSP; and kids in their teens are going to be wise to the fact that this is a dumbed down model.

    I don’t understand it.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. sg1974

    “New PSP SKU aimed at “teens and much younger””

    Because they’re the only people stupid enough to buy this?

    #2 3 years ago

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