Madden NFL 12 online servers down

Friday, 2nd September 2011 00:34 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Multiple reports suggest EA’s Madden NFL 12 servers have gone mysteriously AWOL.

According to users of ProSportsDaily, online play has been patchy at best since the game’s release on Tuesday.

The complaints are echoed on the Gamespot Madden forums, with some users reporting they can’t even activate their Online Franchise codes – the equivalent of an online pass – let alone initiate multiplayer and online features.

A post on the EA Sports forums offers network troubleshooting with mixed response – some users have resolved their issues, but those suffering repeated disconnections are still voicing complaints.

Although support has continued to recommend following troubleshooting a generic error message – “The EA servers are not available at this time” – and reported comments from tech support suggest a more serious issue.

The problems appear to affect both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players.



  1. Cardo

    I am going through a similiar thing. I am online, and have activated my online pass, I never get kicked off of xbox live, and I can play online franchises. However, as soon as I try to play a head to head game via ranked match, it sees my opponent in the match-up screen, says that it is checking online rosters, then eventually says “Lost connect to EA server, check connection.” Attn: EA Sport techs: MY CONNECTION IS JUST FINE, NOT ONLY IS IT DIRECTLY CONNECTED, I HAVE NO PROBLEM GETTING ONLINE WITH ANYTHING ELSE!!!!! INCLUDING MADDEN 11! So this generic response you all are giving to each forum that tries to put the blame on the consumers internet connection is a bunch of BS served on a shiny silk covered china dish. Maybe the problem is the East cost servers because everyone I know on the east coast is having the same problems, but the west coast (california) is getting on. (EA please get this together and stop blaming our networks, because I really wanna play my ranked matches I am not one of these Madden bashers, but I do not like you trying to pass the buck on what obviously is your problem.

    feel free to email me ea sports, I wont bite

    #1 3 years ago

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