Corpse Party confirmed for PSN release with debut trailer

Friday, 2 September 2011 03:17 GMT By Brenna Hillier

XSEED has made yesterday’s tease official – the horrifying Corpse Party is destined for US release.

Corpse Party is an unusual adventure title bordering on the visual novel, which sports hand-drawn 2D art. It was originally a doujinshi – an amateur project – created by Team GrisGris in RPG Maker, before being ported for PSP release by 5pb.

The story concerns a number of teenagers trapped in a haunted school, and features numerous awful endings as well as one that doesn’t involve having your eyeballs eaten – maybe. The game is famous for its graphic descriptions of the unpleasant ends your companions can meet, preferring perfect prose to graphical gore – or plain old game over screens.

Siliconera reports the game will feature encoded surround sound when heard through headphones, and will utilise the original Japanese voice acting.

Corpse Party is expected on PSP via the US PlayStation Network in autumn. No word on European release. Check out the trailer below.