Call of Duty Franchise on sale on Steam

Thursday, 1st September 2011 22:21 GMT By Andrew Groen

The entire Call of Duty series is on sale for up to 50% off this weekend on Steam starting today.

Unfortunately that does not include pre-orders of Modern Warfare 3 or Black OPs DLC, but it includes plenty of other CoD merch.

Call of Duty: War Chest – $14.99
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – $9.99
Call of Duty: World at War – $9.99
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – $14.99
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package – $7.49
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack – $7.49
Call of Duty: Black Ops – $40.19



  1. Unlimax

    There you go ..

    #1 3 years ago
  2. DSB


    #2 3 years ago
  3. deadstoned

    Activision $9.99 does not = £9.99 go fuck yourselves.

    Actually equals £6.17 btw

    #3 3 years ago
  4. Fin


    Relax bro, this happens with every company.

    Apple MacBook Pro: £999 – $1199
    Actually equals £750.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. deadstoned

    I know dude and I hate subsidizing other people without benefit, just because companies like Apple and Activision can get away with it.

    Occasions like this I’m glad I have US steam friends to gift it me though :-/

    #5 3 years ago
  6. Fin

    Apple and Activision and every other company in existence. It’s in part due to a lower sales tax (average ~5% I think? v 20% in Europe). So like $10 + $2 tax is more like £7.50. Still not good, but not the end of the world either.

    If you want something to get worked up over, look at how Nintendo treats Europe in software releases – the release of Smash Bros Brawl springs to mind.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. freedoms_stain

    ROFL, most of these prices should’ve been standard a long time ago, not “sale”

    #7 3 years ago

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