Gridlock: Final Gears of War 3 map revealed with screens, b-roll footage

Friday, 26th August 2011 14:56 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Epic has released a look at the complete line-up of Gears of War 3 multiplayer maps, including the reveal of Gridlock, the revamped battleground returning from the previous two games.

Gears 3 will come with 10 maps, all playable in Versus Multiplayer, Beast and Horde mode, including Gridlock which features enhancements and new weapon spawns.

Also, due to the feedback of more than 1.2 million fans, the game also includes improved versions of Old Town, Thrashball and Trenches from the game’s public multiplayer beta. These maps have been “enhanced based on player behaviour to offer a more balanced and enjoyable experience for veterans and rookies alike.” Trenches features a new combat area which changes the dynamic of the fire-fights, and similar modifications have been made to Thrashball to better prevent spawn camping and level the playing field.

Here is the full list of maps in Gears of War 3, along with a description of each:

  • Checkout – Checkout’s combat takes place in the carcass of an abandoned superstore. The shop owners tried to move their inventory with a closeout sale in the weeks leading up to the HOD evacuations, but ultimately had to walk away and leave everything to time and history. The intense close-quarters combat of the store aisles makes every decision important. Weapon selection is key, cover is essential to survival and every move has an impact. When facing your enemy, remember what the sign says: “Everything must go.”
  • Drydock – Much has been written about the beauty of Seran culture, but people often forget the backbone of industry upon which it all relies. This shipyard stands full of undelivered goods and the necessary tools of a society’s infrastructure. Its most prominent landmark is the rotting husk of a cargo ship that will forever stand in Drydock.
  • Gridlock – This ashen street was once a bustling tourist destination known for its quaint inns and waterfront cafés. Even the water is gone now, replaced by the burnt shell of a crater that stands as a testament to the loss of Seran humanity.
  • Hotel – Small island resorts such as this one catered to the opulent tastes of vacationing Serans. But as the Lambent infection spreads across the globe, tides are shifting to flood once popular beaches, and fierce winds batter and push at the walls of humanity’s creations.
  • Mercy – This area was once a bustling town square filled with people, but it never recovered from the UIR mortar shellings of the Pendulum Wars. Emergence soon followed, and the already heartbroken residents were shown no mercy by Locust forces, leading to an almost immediate evacuation. This large and open central square is surrounded on all sides by sheltered passageways and buildings. A raised dais yields powerful weaponry and a view of virtually everything within range, but the power located there must be hard-earned and well-protected to provide any lasting advantage.
  • Old Town – Several remote areas of Sera managed to stave off the impact of Emergence for quite some time. Island towns such as this one were able to sustain themselves with small farms and a steady bounty from the ocean. But all good things must come to an end, and eventually they could hide no more. This is an excellent map for team-based play, with multiple areas that are well-suited to both attack and defence scenarios. A well-executed plan will often reap great rewards, and an enemy caught unaware can be flushed into a trap like a chicken free of its coop.
  • Overpass – As the Lambent infection spreads across Sera, the planet is quite literally falling apart. And as the substrata beneath this forgotten overpass begin to disintegrate, the entire city block is collapsing along with it, sliding into a vast underground cavern. Head for the high ground or you just might slide along with it. Battles in this highly dynamic map often focus around the elevated Overpass, where teams can hole up and take advantage of the protected position and emplaced weaponry located there. But gaining the high ground can also be a trap, as the team left below will most assuredly use mortars and orbital lasers to regain their lost footing.
  • Sandbar – This observation post once had a commanding view of the distant horizon. Never threatened, it was thought to be impenetrable due to its unpredictable coastline and the constant shifting of sandbars along the shallow water of the coastline. And it never did fall, it was simply abandoned when humanity fled from a threat that nobody could ever see coming.
  • Thrashball – This stadium was once home to a different sort of national hero, one who fought for honour and glory, instead of scrambling for survival. The invigorating roar of the crowd has been replaced by the melancholy moaning of wind in the empty stadium seats. Stadium matches are no longer restricted to the playing field, and the team that controls the concession stands earns a great advantage. The scoreboard still keeps track of every point earned, but its frayed support cables also make it a precarious trap for anyone foolish enough to run underneath it.
  • Trenches – The Locust have begun to carve mines and tunnels into the rocks of the Seran Deadlands, eking out any existence that resembles the underground passages of the Hollow they once called home. But this harsh environment is as relentless an d unforgiving as any enemy they’ve ever had to face. The Locust Trenches are small and tight, with clean lines of sight across virtually the entire battlefield. The central hill leads to a fortified bunker with a strategically important vantage point. Once taken, it is rarely surrendered, unless opposing forces can manage to sneak up under the cover of a passing sandstorm that leaves everyone blind for a short while.

Gears of War 3, which is the fastest pre-selling Xbox exclusive in history according to Microsoft, launches September 20,  and is available in Standard, Limited, and Epic Editions.

Screens of Gridlock are posted below, as well as a B-roll footage of it along with Thrashball and Trenches, courtesy of GodisaGeek.



  1. Xuchilbara

    Why do I find myself not being excited for this?

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    cuz u have only a ps3 maybe ;p
    But don’t worry Uncharted is the place for excitement. Yeah i know it has a heavy scripted single player, that’s fun only the first playthrough, a multiplayer that nobody knows why there’s such a mode in that game, and an awesome collectors edition unboxing, that’s wasn’t retarded at all, no sir :D
    so Yeah you right. In this article there’s nothing to be exited for

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  3. Gekidami

    ^ lol As if Gears single player wasnt just as scripted.

    You tards crack me up.

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  4. HeavyD-Love

    @4 I think recess is over back to class little one…

    Gears 3 looks awesome (as does U3 single AND multi – you’d agree if you ever played U2).

    Cannot wait for the plethora of AAA titles coming out this fall!

    #4 3 years ago
  5. Kuwabara

    @4, lol. Well Uncharted has better graphics, story, and gameplay than any gears of war game. Ain’t gears heavily scripted.. Atleast you got more options with uncharted. Soo much to admire in each uncharted game, but with gears all u get is uninspired art design, lots of browns and clay like models. But whats funny is uncharted 1 looks better than gears 3. :)

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  6. DaMan

    Gekidami you hypocrites crack me up :)

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    Yes I was semi-serious… I believe the Gears exclusivity ends with this 3rd outing? So whats stopping EPIC really? People said I was daft for saying MGS: trilogy would be multiplatform & oh look, it is o_O

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    I er, was mocking the way you were presumably being serious about it.. I mean the way you were presumably directing that at MS customers, see.

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    Of course working up any MS customers who think it could never happen is a added bonus :)

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