European News Wrap, August 22 – What happened today

Monday, 22 August 2011 17:00 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Because there’s nothing better than an Imogen Heap image. In other news, hello, I’m back.

Gamescom is done for another year, and while I was glad to be there (note: I’ll take this moment to promote my personal blog on it), the stress of booking appointments is gone for another year at least.

In the meantime, I’ve returned with news. Chockful of news. And features you’re going to read very soon, but mostly news. So here is said news. Because you need gaming news to keep you going. Otherwise, if you don’t consume gaming news, you’re probably going to wind up somewhere not pretty.

And that be that. Now go read up some news, gasp at Heap above and listen to her amazing music. Back to gaming-related images tomorrow – most of the time anyways – so see you then.