Silent Hill Downpour director says they’re doing fine without composer Yamaoka

Monday, 15 August 2011 16:29 GMT By Andrew Groen

Silent Hill fans were worried when the latest project lost its long-time, greatly respected composer Akira Yamaoka, but the game’s design director says that they’re getting along just fine without him.

“I was worried when we lost him, we lost him really early on in Downpour. But I was a big fan of Dexter already, so I’m happy we got Daniel Licht,” said Downpour’s design director Brian Gomez to Joystiq after a Silent Hill panel at GDC Europe. “It was the closest to Akira but also brought something new to it.”

“As much as I would’ve loved the honor of working with Akira, I don’t feel that we’re missing out by not having him,” he continued.

However, even though they’re getting along fine without him, Gomez still clearly wants him back on the project. “I think this whole feud between he and Konami is just fucking stupid. Everyone needs to calm down, and bring him back in, and do something.”