Human Revolution designer talks influence of Invisible War

Friday, 12th August 2011 00:08 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Eidos Montreal have finally opened up about what Deus Ex: Human Revolution takes on board from controversial sequel, Invisible War.

“The truth about Invisible War is that I personally did not get as much enjoyment out of it as I did the original Deus Ex,” game designer Frank Lapikas said on the Human Revolution Tumblr.

“Looking at Invisible War was a cautionary tale. The game showed us how some apparently simple design decisions such as universal ammo could alter the essence of what Deus Ex is.”

Lapikas said Invisible War contains all the elements of Deus Ex and yet “doesn’t feel quite right” to him.

“It made us realize that it would be very easy for us to screw up Human Revolution. We had a fine line to tread after all,” he continued.

“So in essence we used Invisible War and compared it to Deus Ex 1 in order to operate a ‘course correction’; which means we reverted most decisions in Invisible War in favor of what Deus Ex 1 had done.”

The designer noted that to the extent of his knowledge, Human Revolution contains nothing lifted from Invisible War which did not also exist in the original Deus Ex.

“Doesn’t mean Invisible War was a bad game. But it’s not the game we were trying to live up to,” he concluded.

2003′s Invisible War holds an 80 Metacritic average, ten points below the original game. Fans of the original game are strongly divided on the subject of the sequel’s quality.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes out at the end of August on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  1. revolting

    While I didn’t hate Invisible War as much as most fans of the original DE, there’s no doubt that this can only be good news. There were already hints of it in seeing some of the inventory and character management screens zip by in various videos, and seeing it confirmed in writing has really bolstered my confidence in the new game. Can’t wait. :)

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