Wednesday Shorts – Diablo III classes, indie beauties, more

Wednesday, 10th August 2011 08:22 GMT By Brenna Hillier

In our endless roaming around the net, we’ve stumbled across some absolutely stunning indie titles today.

By coincidence, putting these delights in a feature box produced a natty two-column look. This was not the intention, but I’m running with it.

Indie Treasures

Playable online or part of a pay-what-you-want scheme, this unusual and beautiful adventure game will haunt you.

To The Moon
This has been doing the rounds this week, and this trailer shows why. Two scientists enter the mind of dying man to reconstruct his memories and fulfil his dying wish.

The End
Think about death, learn about world customs, and also just enjoy this strange action platformer with puzzle battles.

The Witness
Braid creator Jonathan Blow’s new game sounds amazing.

Today’s unrelated street art.



  1. mathare92

    Good picks Brenna. I’d also recommend The Cat and the Coup.

    While I wouldn’t say the gaming industry is as susceptible as the film industry when it comes to having utter garbage like Transfwilight breaking sales records, it is becoming more apparent that, just like film, the indie scene is the only place where genuine creativity is given space to breathe.

    Viva :D

    #1 3 years ago

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