Final Fantasy XIV producer addresses balance tweaks and combat changes

Thursday, 28th July 2011 11:11 GMT By Stace Harman

In response to player feedback to last week’s patch 1.18, FFXIV producer Naoki Yoshida has posted a letter on the game’s official forum explaining some of the changes.

Concerned that the number of changes to the game may have left players feeling a little overwhelmed, Yoshida said:

“I realize some of you may be confused or upset at some of the sudden changes, but that’s why the forums are there for you to have your voice heard. So please leave us your feedback!

“The topics we’ve gotten the most feedback on are class balance, UI visibility (which will be addressed in 1.18a), and skill points for levequests between ranks 20–30. We’ll be using this last week’s worth of feedback to decide where more adjustments are needed, and will be working on them and any further balancing that is necessary together with our 1.19 tasks and releasing them in smaller patches.”

Yoshida also discussed changes to the combat system, saying he was “happy to see posts claiming that combat now requires strategy,” as that had been the crux of the changes made in that area.

In concluding his letter, Yoshida alluded to the “swimsuits I mentioned last letter,” assuring readers that they will be available as part of the summer event planned for early August. In case you were wondering.

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  1. Liamc723

    Is this game ever going to come to PS3? :P

    #1 3 years ago
  2. BraveArse

    ^ Don’t think it can be very far away now, it’s looking pretty slick.

    I only just started playing this at the weekend and was pretty impressed by it tbh. From what I heard from mates who’ve been playing it on and off since release it’s really come on leaps and bounds especially after this last patch. Admittedly I found it bewildering, but in a way that made me want to play more, rather than consign it to the bin.

    #2 3 years ago

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