Friday Shorts II: Develop, Heavy Rain, PS Video Store

Friday, 15 July 2011 14:04 GMT By Johnny Cullen

It’s Friday, which means you’ve now reached the weekend. Congrabulatgonglations. That’s a word I just made up. Here are your shorts.

  • Here’s this week’s PS Store video update from the US.
  • Heavy Rain composer Normand Corbeil has chatted on US radio about making the soundtrack to the Quantic Dream thriller.
  • “Konami Tackles Childhood Obesity with First Ever Summit,” says GP. I’m personally betting on everyone running around in cardboard boxes.
  • Here’s the first blurry pic from the Ace Attonery movie. In case that gets you going
  • Develop will have “1,300 developers, 101 sessions, 11 keynotes, eight tracks, four conferences, three days and a pair of 3D glasses,” according to a press release sent out this morning. Big stuff. It all happens in Brighton next week. We’ll be there live.