Supergay iOS game has “first gay superhero”

Friday, 1 July 2011 22:50 GMT By Andrew Groen

Are you tired of all those obsessively, overly heterosexual male characters in video games? Then you might want to scope out Supergay, which the developer says is the first gay superhero.

As interesting as the game and its character seems, we hasten to point out that Supergay is most definitely not the first gay super hero. That honor belongs to Marvel character Northstar who came out in 1992.

There have been plenty of groundbreaking superheroes in the years since that too.

That said, Supergay is very likely the iPhone’s first gay hero. The game stars Dr. Tom Palmer who is working on a complex cloning project while wrestling with his own sexuality as his heterosexual wedding looms.

We’re not too sure where the game goes from there, but it’s said to include fighting, stealth, racing, and rhythm dancing elements.