European release of Trenched delayed by Trench boardgame

Thursday, 30 June 2011 20:18 GMT By Andrew Groen

If you’re one of the many Europeans eagerly awaiting the release of Double Fine’s latest title, Trenched, you’re probably wondering what the hold up is. As it turns out, they’ve been delayed by a copyright claim by the designer of the boardgame “Trench.”

The game was designed by Rui AlĂ­pio Monteiro in 2009, and carries a similar theme of trench warfare during World War 1.

The game’s website has a video which gives you a look at the game an how it plays. The game is extremely abstract with two players battling their trenches on a Chess-like board and bears little, if any, resemblance to the video game.

Xbox Live UK Editor Daniel Maher tweeted last week on this subject: “Official line on Trenched’s delay is, “Unexpected challenges with distribution in some European regions”. Shouldn’t take long!”

Hopefully they get over this hurdle soon.