OnLive lets publishers “design games better”

Tuesday, 28th June 2011 07:35 GMT By Brenna Hillier

OnLive’s unique feedback and metrics capacities are drawing publishers in, founder and president Steve Perlman has said.

“We gave the publishers tons and tons of data, they love it,” Perlman told GamesIndustry.

“It allows them to go and make decisions, to design games better.

“Now in the design process we can actually go and put up games in a beta group that’s closed off from the rest of the world even though it’s running on the same servers but no one else can spectate that. And then the publishers are the only ones who can spectate that.

“They can actually watch their users testing their games. What they get stuck on, what doesn’t work and so forth. They’re loving it.”

OnLive’s capacity to deliver rental and demos is giving publishers valuable feedback, too.

“They have rentals with OnLive, and demos that can lead to rental or demos that can lead to purchase. So it’s tough for someone to do a 1GB or 2GB download just to do a demo because they have more friction getting someone into it,” Perlman explained.

“With OnLive what we’ve found, and it’s funny, we came to them with our statistics of ‘here’s our conversion rates from demos to purchase, how does that compare with other demos to purchase now’ and they said ‘we don’t know’.

“They’re completely unaware, they don’t really know how many demos link to purchase, they just put them out there, they know demos help. So it the first time they’ve ever had any data.”



  1. alterecho

    I don’t know about the rest but i feel this entire cloud service undermines the ethics of gaming and is a disservice to gaming regardless of how convenient it may be.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. flagg

    They better get designed pretty damn well to make up for the lag, low graphical settings, and lack of mod support. “Cloud” gaming simply sucks and will only get worse. Just use steaming video services as a reference — as popularity increases quality lowers to compensate for bandwidth. So here we would probably see higher compression, more lag and worse graphical settings as time goes on — I mean how often can they actually keep upgrading all their machines — if anything if this really took off companies just start making games worse to compensate for the low end machines they would have.

    Well..1 good thing to say about it I guess…I do really like the ability to watch other peoples games — pretty weird but totally cool. Other then that terrible..

    #2 4 years ago
  3. IL DUCE

    Yeah…quality over convenience for me…and you could probably only link demo downloads to digital purchases idk how you would attribute that to retail sales…

    #3 4 years ago

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