Beat Bungie at Halo, earn yourself a steak

Tuesday, 28 June 2011 17:18 GMT By Andrew Groen

Bungie is conducting all sorts of festivities for its 20th anniversary celebration. Though the most enticing challenge for Halo fans is Bungie’s steak challenge. Beat the developers at Halo Reach during their 24-hour Halo marathon and they’ll mail you a pair of steaks. That’s right, steaks.

The only catch is that you have to win by twenty kills or more.

The studio also has several other events lined up for the coming weeks, like the Bungie Foundation charity auction which features gems like a Battle Rifle replica crafted by Weta Workshop that’s currently going for over $3,000.

It was recently revealed the iPad version of Bungie’s old Mac series Marathon will be released very soon.

it’s anticipated Bungie Aerospace, the new brand that Bungie has been using of late, will also be fully unveiled.The website for Aerospace is currently inactive.

Bungie’s currently working on a “new universe” with Activision.