Riccitiello: “The future is here”

Wednesday, 15th June 2011 03:42 GMT By Brenna Hillier

EA head John Riccitiello has said fancy new hardware isn’t necessary to foster innovation within the games industry.

“There’s never ‘enough’ innovation and we should always be setting the bar higher,” the executive told Industry Gamers. “What I don’t agree with is the implication that we’re waiting for the hardware guys to transition to help us realize the innovation.

“I think the greatest innovation in the history of gaming is occurring right now. It is happening in the cross-platform arena — where Publishers are linking the best IP from console to PC to mobile to social.

“This is hard to do, but it will change the way gamers interact with our IP.”

While acknowledging the “enormous new canvases” provided by platform holders, Riccitiello reiterated that the key to innovation lies in interconnectivity.

“The future is here, and centers on creating a 24/7/365 experience and community behind the games you love,” he said.

“Big game franchises have evolved from the ‘one and done’ model that released a new 15 hour experience ever 12-24 months. Games have evolved from a thing that you buy, to a place you go.

” … Anytime, anyplace – you can play, track your scores and see what your friends are doing. That’s the future of gaming.”

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  1. darksied

    He’s kinda right. I don’t know much about the social aspects, but about the linking of cross-platform games, that is pretty innovative. There’s portal 2 and maybe 1 other game right now, but can you imagine in a future patch playing battlefield 3 or 4 or Call of Duty on the PC and playing with console players? This is something I’ve always wanted to do so you don’t have that split community; they’re all the same.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Quiiick

    Dear John,
    What you’re talking about is not called “innovation”, it’s called “maximizing sales” (of a given IP). Innovation is something completely different, which I haven’t seen a lot of lately from EA.

    And new hardware (/technology) often DOES open a window for innovation.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Espers

    if the future is “here” shouldn’t be called “present” .. how many times we’ve heard every year “the future is here” ?!? I wonder

    by the way what does “IP” means ? cause I am one of the people who don’t like to abbreviate everything on planet earth cause it became too confusing.

    This Guy is whacked, fuck the Cloud !! I wanna own my game not the other way around. I am not against the idea of multi-platform however making a game with ” no Love ” attitude just for the sake of catering to multi-platforms is considered a rip-off.

    We now have powerful hardware and a blu-ray holds 50 GB of data while the majority of games doesn’t exceed a DVD9 Capacity meaning you’re selling me a SHORT game = a SHORT adventure for the sake of multi-platform catering !!

    Screw you Riccitiello because your real objective from multi-platform is MONEY MONEY MONEY !! when someone like Hideo Kojima speaks of multi-platform I believe him.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. xxJPRACERxx

    ip = intellectual property

    and capacity don’t equal game lenght. Some NES games are really long and are 1 megabit and less in size.

    #4 4 years ago
  5. Espers

    @5 they were long because there was no save options ^_^ … NES was my first console. thanks for “ip” definition … new term .. everything is becoming business these days … ” no love ”

    #5 4 years ago
  6. IL DUCE

    Ban this jielunee clown if that’s possible…he’s spamming every article with his stupid advertisement posts

    #6 4 years ago

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