Keiji Inafune working on PS3 exclusive RPG, social game

Wednesday, 25 May 2011 23:53 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Highly respected ex-Capcom designer, director and producer Keiji Inafune is reportedly working on a PlayStation 3 RPG.

According to Bloomberg, the game is due in Japan in August.

He’s also got a social game in the works, which could see Japanese release this month.

After leaving Capcom in November, Inafune founded two new companies, Compcept and Intercept, where he has greater control over what he works on.

“In this industry, it’s often the creators who have the eye for potential hits but they’re not the ones deciding what gets published,” he said.

“We’ll see many more clashes as creator- management divides widen.”

Inafune’s list of credits has something to please everyone, having created and overseen most of the Megaman franchise; produced three Resident Evil games; created Onimusha, Lost Planet and Dead Rising; and worked as an artist on the original Street Fighter.

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