eShop: Game Gear and Game Boy titles to possibly be available at launch

Wednesday, 11th May 2011 18:22 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Nintendo is expected to launch the long-awaited eShop sometime this month, and according to various rumors and reports, Game Gear and original Game Boy titles could be made available right at launch.

While the inclusion of titles from the aforementioned platforms along with Game Boy Color and TurboGrafx-16 was already known about, the actual Japanese launch line-up listed by various sources has been unknown up until now – if true.

Here’s what’s being reported:

  • Virtual Console GameBoy – Ikari no Yousai, Phantasm
  • Virtual Console Game Gear – Sonic & Tails 2, Sonic Drift 2, Dragon Crystal, Columns
  • Virtual Console GameBoy Color – Super Mario Land, The Legend of Zelda DX (Demo)
  • Virtual Console PC Engine – games TBA
  • 3DS Ware – Rockman Dash 3 Prologue (200 yen), Petitcom (800 yen)
  • DSi Ware – Import DSi Ware from DSi to 3DS
  • 3D Classic – Excitebike 3D, The Legend of Zelda 3D, Xevious 3D (these games are exactly the same as their original versions but remastered in stereoscopic 3D!)
  • Demos – 3D Video Player, 3D Game Trailer/Previews Channel, Fuji TV and Nippon TV Previews

ESRB ratings have also revealed Fortified Zone from Game Boy and Avenging Spirit from Game Boy Color, so it looks as though retro lovers could have a lot to look forward to.

Thanks: VideoGamesBlogger, GoNintendo, NintendoLife.



  1. OlderGamer

    This has been a great generation for buying old games on the new systems. From straight ports on VC to reimagined ones on XBLA/PSN, mostly they are great to have around.


    heres the thing. How many times do we need to buy and rebuy the same games? Just because I bought a few of my fav TG16, NES, SNES games for my Wii doesn’t mean that i want to buy the same games again for a Gameboy or for Project Cafe’.

    I really am worried about the next generation not being digitaly Backwards compatible. Meaning that I want all of my purchases on Wii to be playable on Project Cafe’ Same with XB360 and PS3. I hope game companies don’t forget about all of the users that bought digital games from them.

    But I have a strong feeling that they would like us to buy them all over again.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Nozz

    If you told me when I was young that I’d be playing game gear games on a Nintendo device I would have laughed in your face and called you an outright liar.

    Its crazy how things have changed!

    Also the Sonic Chaos (Sonic and tails) series was my favourite!

    #2 4 years ago

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