Namco FY2011: Enslaved hits 730,000 units sold

Tuesday, 10 May 2011 09:14 GMT By Johnny Cullen

As part of its full-year results, Namco Bandai’s confirmed that sales of Enslaved: Journey to the West have hit 730,000 units.

The number is far higher than the 460,000 units announced back in February, but is still short of the 1 million expected on the acclaimed Ninja Theory action title.

Namco has constantly chattered about a sequel.

The company also confirmed that it sold 1.15 million American units of Tekken 6 in the financial year, despite the game releasing in 2009.

Operating income in FY2011 for NB was up 767 percent at ¥16.3 billion. Sales were up four percent at ¥394 billion.

Full financials are here.