ACT may introduce R18+ ratings category independent of federal decision

Friday, 29th April 2011 06:05 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Australian Capital Territory attorney general Simon Corbell has said he’s willing to introduce a territory-specific R18+ ratings category for video games if a federal classification is not afreed upon

South Australian attorney general John Rau said yesterday he’d make changes to games rating in his home state if necessary, prompting Corbell to admit he’s had similar ideas.

“John Rau and I have been thinking along similar lines insofar that if uniform agreement on this cannot be reached, then it would appear that it would be left open to states and territories to pursue their own arrangements,” the politician told Gamespot.

However, Corbell isn’t keen on Rau’s plans of abolishing the MA15+ category altogether – he’s talking about introducing an entirely separate division for games with content too extreme for current categories.

“The MA15+ issue is a separate question. We are supportive of the draft guidelines into an R18+ classification for video games that provide for both the MA15+ and R18+ classification. We wouldn’t necessarily follow South Australia down that path.”

Corbell seems to feel the best solution is a federal ratings system overhaul, but is preparing contingency plans.

“I hope there will be national agreement on R18+ but it’s not looking hopeful at this stage,” he said.

Australia’s attorney generals have been debating the introduction of a nation-wide R18+ ratings category for video games for almost a year, and are expected to give a final decision in July.



  1. ManuOtaku

    Man i dont know about australia, but i rather prefer they do control the ratings of games as they are right now, i mean assure that the ratings that are right now, which i believe are good the way they are, are comply by all the stores, distributors and dealers, therefore a 13 year old kid could not get an M+ game for instance, thats where you have to send all the resources not in a new rating, but i dont know to much about this and maybe iam talking bullocks, but here in south America, the ratings are a salute to the flag, no one cares and you see stores and distributors selling M+ rated games to kids,therefore in my personal experience they need to make the law being done the way it should be not the ratings.

    #1 4 years ago

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