Video: Darkspore hero spotlight – Skar the assassin

Thursday, 21 April 2011 08:00 GMT By Stace Harman

A new video’s landed for EA’s upcoming hybrid action RPG, Darkspore. Meet Skar: a dual wielding, death-dealing, stealthy son of a gun.

With all the characteristics of a classic assassin-class character, Skar looks perfect for those who enjoy a bit of stealth-camouflage and crit-dealing backstabbing.

The video features an in-depth look at Skar’s abilities, in addition to strategies that can be employed to make the most of his combat prowess.

Developed by Maxis, Darkspore is built on the Spore engine and features extensive character customisation, as well as competitive and co-op multiplayer.

Having previously been delayed, Darkspore is due for release on PC next Tuesday April 26 in the US and Thursday April 28 in Europe.

Thanks, BigDownload.