High Voltage “would love to do” DLC for Conduit 2

Tuesday, 19th April 2011 10:16 GMT By Stace Harman

High Voltage design director David Pellas has revealed the team’s desire to produce DLC for Wii FPS sequel Conduit 2, which launches today in the US and on Friday April 21 in Europe.

Speaking in an interview with Game Hounds, Pellas talked about character class customisation and suggested fans should form an orderly queue and start asking for DLC.

“You’ve got four suit upgrades, whereas most other games only have three, and you can have a series of upgrades that go together to allow you to redefine your play experience because with these suit upgrades you’re no longer playing the same kind of game that everybody else is going to play,” Pellas explained.

“So you’re going to have much more buy-in for your character, and we hope that what with all these options players are more invested in their character and they spend more time playing and start making requests like, ‘We’d love some DLC.’”

Later in the interview, Pellas elaborated on the potential for DLC and explained why it hadn’t been an option for Conduit 1.

“DLC was a big thing that we really wanted to do in Conduit 1, but we just weren’t familiar enough with the limitations and technology that was in place on the server side to be able to get something through that would be meaningful for the player.

“I can’t reveal any specific plans as far as where we are or what we can do, but I can say that we would love to do them. And as long as we can get all the ducks in a row, I think that that’s a distinct possibility.”

So, all those in favour of DLC should start sending off requests to High Voltage and Sega.

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  1. frostquake

    Well, first you have got to release Conduit 2 with some advertising Sega. Then you have got to make sure stores actually get the product in. Only 1 store in my area is getting it, and it has already been GUTTED and put out Bare Box…which I won’t buy..Just something about having GameStop Emps Finger Smudges on my game disc that I don’t LIKE AT ALL!! Is it too much to ask, to buy a SEALED COPY???

    Then you have got to release it when your not competing against Valve with Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat…Really…Really..You release it with those 2 games?? Guess what, there are NO BIG games coming out April 26th here in the States, so you could have released it then..

    Wow Sega…Your STUPIDITY continues to Amaze me. If it isn’t Sonic, you just throw a game out there and see if it floats!!! IDIOTS!!!

    The Wii needs games like this, and needs developers like High Voltage, but you treat them like GARBAGE!!!

    DLC..for the Wii?? ROFL… DLC for the Wii??? ROFL… It would be great if you actually do this, but Nintendo isn’t exactly the DLC Champion of the Consoles right now..LOL… Maybe the WiiHD 2 will have a Hard Drive or at the very least SD card Slots that can handle the High Capacity ones, then Who knows…..


    #1 4 years ago

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