Stardock “surprised” by negative reaction to Gamestop’s Impulse acquisition

Monday, 11 April 2011 03:04 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell has reiterated his support in Gamestop as new owners of Impulse, in the wake of Blind Mind’s abandonment of the service.

“I was really surprised,” told Gamasutra of Blind Mind’s public announcement of its intention to leave Impulse after Gamestop’s acquisition.

“By [Blind Mind’s] own admission, Impulse is 25 percent of [its] revenue.

“… Impulse is going to continue to function as it has. If a developer wasn’t paying attention to this, they wouldn’t notice any difference. … On one hand, they trust me, but they don’t trust me enough to realize I vetted [GameStop].”

Wardell said he had turned down other offers, and entered into a dialogue with Gamestop representatives that led to friendship between the two companies.

“We want to see PC gaming expanded. … I feel like it’s in pretty good hands. They’re good guys, even if they don’t agree which version of Ultima was the best.”

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