Anonymous to stage global in-store Sony protests

Monday, 11 April 2011 15:52 GMT By Stace Harman

Hacktivist group Anonymous is looks to raise awareness of its cause by staging a number of four-hour sit-ins at Sony stores around the world. This is likely to be more popular with gamers than the group’s recent attacks on PSN.

The group is looking to promote its opposition to the legal action being taken by Sony against PlayStation 3 jailbreaker George ‘Geoholt’ Hotz, and has amassed around 1,000 pledges of support on Facebook from people willing to join the protests on Saturday April 16.

The group claims that Sony’s action is an attempt to “interrupt the free flow of information”.

A recent attack on PSN, which caused the service to be unavailable for most of the day last Monday, was slammed by gamers who claimed that the group were doing more harm than good.

We’ll await reports on Saturday to try to establish how many people actually take part in the planned action.

With thanks to GamePolitics