Australian AG: R18+ reform “needs careful scrutiny and public debate”

Tuesday, 5th April 2011 09:57 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Attorney General for Victoria, Robert Clark, has said that the decision on Australia’s fabled R18 rating would need careful scrutinising if it’s to be legislated.

Speaking to The Age, Clark said that the country’s collation government was currently wary about the draft guidelines currently proposed.

“[This] needs careful scrutiny and public debate,” he said. “The Coalition government is very concerned that the draft guidelines currently being proposed by the Commonwealth would legalise games with high levels of graphic, frequent and gratuitous violence, including violence against civilians and police.”

Victorian director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Rob Ward, accused the Australian Classification Board of falling “asleep at the wheel” whilst rating violent titles an MA15, but adds it’s “not a reason to create an R18+ category” but rather “a reason to clip them behind the ear.”

There’s more through here. A full decision on R18+ is expected by July.



  1. Christopher Jack

    I say just terminate the australian classification board & adopt another countries classification system so that videos & games only need to be rated once.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Freek

    Ofcourse it would legalise games with graphic content; for adults, that’s the whole point of a rating system.
    If you don’t want those games then you are advocating censorship wich is an entirely different discussion that has nothing to do with ratings.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. James Mac

    As an Australian citizen, I can recommend that the new Victorian Attorney General needs a swift kicking in the cruets.

    This issue has been on for 10 years, has been open for public discussion several times and last year had a petition with more signatures than any other previous issue tabled in parliament.
    The people have expressed an 89 percent support rate for an 18+ rating.

    What the issue actually needs is less consultation from hard right lobby groups.

    #3 4 years ago

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