RIFT players tot up over 4,000 years’ play in one month

Friday, 1st April 2011 05:04 GMT By Brenna Hillier

RIFT players have managed a staggering 2,496,966,514 minutes in game. That’s 41,616,108 hours – or 1,734,004 full days.

Just one of a number of utterly boggling numbers clocked up in the MMORPG’s first 28 days.

Trion Worlds revealed the figures to IGN, along with several others. The total play time works out to just over 4,750 years.

Players have already collected 9,135,265 souls; healed 1,846,052,955,247 points of damage; and looted 43,105,919,110 coins.

The publisher didn’t reveal how many people are playing RIFT to have reached these totals. If you assume a quite generous user base of half a million, you’re look at just under three hours a day played by each user, every day since launch – though it’s likely fewer, more hardcore players.

RIFT launched in early March. The cost of the client includes one month’s subscription.



  1. DeathJynx

    This is a pay to play? How much?

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    Oh, fifteen bucks(a month), little man, put that shit in their hand. Nong, nong, ning-a ning-a nong nong!

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    My jungle love, Oh-E-Oh-E-Oh!

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