Wednesday shorts: Crysis 2, Will Wright and Stupid Fun Club, Fruit Ninja

Wednesday, 30th March 2011 11:03 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Get your Wednesday-themed shorts after the break. It’s all go from here.

  • Will Wright’s new company Stupid Fun Group has been refused entry into E3, having turned back its art director. The reason? It “isn’t in the electronic entertainment industry.” Oops.
  • There’s a life-size version of Fruit Ninja you can watch over at Joystiq. It was made using Kinect, a WiiMote and CAVE hardware.
  • For those into fan-made movies, there’s some Silent Hill and Dragon Age stuff on Joystiq.
  • “Crysis 2′s Shocking Tech Compromise: Proof,” is the headline from RPS as it takes a technical look at the Crytek shooter. Note: it’s a piss take.
  • The remastered version of Broken Sword II for PC and Mac is nearly done, according to Revolution Software.
  • There’s an N64 emulator already playable on Xperia Play. Video’s here. Thanks, Tom.



  1. Kerplunk

    Uh oh. Looks like Leadbetter’s been dethroned by RPS!

    #1 4 years ago
  2. blackdreamhunk

    I think that guild wars 2 and mass effect 3 will be my last games I buy. The gaming Industry has gone down hill.

    #2 4 years ago

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