GI goes screen mental on Saints Row: The Third

Tuesday, 29th March 2011 06:02 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Game Informer‘s put live the direct feed shots of Saints Row: The Third that appeared in its mag earlier this month as a cover exclusive. Up until now, we’ve only seen one screen plus other bits, but this is the first proper gameplay screen blowout since its announcement at GDC. Hit the link to see the shots.

Saints Row: The Third releases this holiday for PS3, 360 and PC.



  1. Connor O'Michael


    #1 4 years ago
  2. Christopher Jack

    Day one for me.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Blerk

    That looks suitably bananas. Awesomes!

    #3 4 years ago
  4. Christopher Jack

    For me, the pure dumb fun of Saints Row is exactly what the gaming industry needs, too many of them are overly serious & the rest are too casual, find the middle ground developers!

    Annoyingly, these middle ground games aren’t exactly the best sellers, games like Timesplitters just wouldn’t sell too well with all the CoDs, Halos & Killzones out there, really hope something like Duke Nukem will break this trend.

    #4 4 years ago
  5. Nozz

    I can’t wait for this!

    Now the rubbish Multiplayer mode is gone they can definitely deliver with the co-op!

    #5 4 years ago
  6. SplatteredHouse

    Impressive. It looks really well presented and yes, awesome. Saints Row’s third (PC version, done in-house this time, fact fans :) ) will be worth the wait, judging by those captures.

    #6 4 years ago
  7. StolenGlory


    Haha indeed! That screenie is the epitome of Saints Row :)

    #7 4 years ago

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