Ubisoft opens online 3DS Portal

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 19:38 GMT By Alex Donaldson

Ubisoft has opened up an official 3DS portal on its website, featuring major upcoming games for the machine.

Featured on the portal, which has some sort-of 3D effects of its own, are launch titles Rayman 3D, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars and Asphalt 3D, as well as Europe-only launch game Splinter Cell 3D.

Other ‘launch window’ titles Rabbids 3D, Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D, Driver Renegade 3D and James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes also put in appearance.

There’s screenshots, trailers, and everything you could possibly want to know about Ubi’s 3DS line-up over there. Check it out through this link.

3DS launches in Europe and the US at the end of this week.