Tuesday shorts: Cthulu hits PC this spring, Pachter analyses NPD, Lord British’s new game

Tuesday, 15 March 2011 11:34 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Hit the break to read up on the short stuff.

  • Someone’s managed to hack Kinect so it can control tesla coils. Engadget gets the thanks on this one.
  • Richard “Lord British” Garriot announced his new game as SXSW over the weekend: Lord British’s New Britannia, a social game based on his alter ego, according to Gama.
  • Here’s some Dynasty Warriors 7 scans. Take them.
  • A RIFT database has been created, according to Massively.
  • GamerBytes has some stats on PSN from last month.
  • “Steam User Loses Almost $1800 in Games Due to Ban,” is a headline from Blue’s News. The account’s since been reactivated.
  • Minecraft users are being warned to change their passwords for their accounts. Again, more on Blue’s.
  • GayGamer is reporting that a deluxe edition of Cthulu Saves the World will be hitting PC and Xbox 360 this spring.
  • GameSpot has up a full report of the Guild Wars 2 panel from PAX East this past weekend.
  • SOE is to offer bonus Station Cash if users of its games start using its game cards, according to Massively.
  • Pachter’s analysed the release of last week’s NPD results for the month of February. Go apeshit for it at Gama.
  • There’s a SOCOM 4 interview featuring Zipper’s Kevin Schmitt on GameSpot.
  • “We know we’re going to be extremely controversial,” Call of Duty director Keith Arem told GI, referring to Modern Warfare 2’s No Russian scene.